Warning about the so called “Teacup” Yorkies.
If you are interested in purchasing a tiny Yorkie, sometimes called a Teacup, Micro Mini, Teeny, or any other name that means “extra small”, there are several things you should consider. The YTCA’s Code of Ethics precludes the use of the words “teacup”, “tiny specialists”, doll faced, or similar terminology by its members, and for good reason.
All breeders may occasionally have an unusually small Yorkie (hopefully healthy), though no responsible breeder breeds for this trait. Many breeders prefer a general weight range of 4-7 pounds believing that size retains desired Toy qualities while maintaining optimum health. The Yorkie Standard states weight”must not exceed seven pounds” and as a prospective pet owner you should realize that even at 7 pounds, the Yorkie is still a small dog. (Females weighing less than 5 pounds are considered by most breeders to be unsuitable for breeding.)
Special circumstances often come with extra tiny dogs. They are extremely susceptible to both hereditary and non-hereditary health problems, including birth defects that may go undetected for a long time. Other common problems may include, but are not limited to, diarrhea, vomiting, along with extra and expensive tests prior to routine teeth cleanings and surgeries. Small ones are more likely to have poor reactions to anesthesia and die from it. Tiny dogs are more easily injured by falls, being stepped on and being attacked by other dogs. These health problems nearly always result i called n large veterinary bills.
Please take this into consideration and make purchasing a healthy pet your top priority, not size. The “novelty” is certainly not worth the pain, heartbreak, or extra expense. Remember, all Yorkies are comparatively small. The most important thing is finding a healthy puppy that will grow into a healthy adult, especially since you looking at an 11 to 15 year commitment with your Yorkie.
Credit; Gale Thompson ( The Ohio Valley Yorkshire Terrier Club of Kentucky – http://ohiovalleyyorkshireterrierclubofkentucky.com/ )

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Yorkshire Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW; Jimboomba, “Tanteen” Suzzette Woodruffe & N. Dixon +61 7 5546 9642 tanteenyorkshireterriers@gmail.com


Styria ; ” of Sun Dream”  Erzsebet Huber +43 664 414 5299 huber.erzsebet@ofsundream.at


SOFIA ;  ” Castel D’Argent”  Catherine LeBret c.lebret@wanadoo.fr


NEWFOUNDLAND; “Groveshire” Marylou & Preston Groves +1 (709) 834 1077 groveshire@nl.rogers.com
TORONTO ; “Rigair” Illona Rodionova & T. Kolesnikov rigair2005@yahoo.ca


PRAGUE-West;  “Mardiffen”  S Zuzana +00420 721134166 affenpinscher@seznam.cz


PEST; “of Royal Class” Monika Varga, +36-20-314-0970 vmonika@sync.hu
PEST; “Made In Superior” Fatima Udud, ++36-70-3174752 erzsiudud@yahoo.com


ANTRIM; “BECARBIL” Mrs. C. Beck, +02890 710128 / +07702807475 carolbeck60@gmail.com
DUBLIN; “Dulce Vida” Regina Fisenko +00353866603581 roksannaster@gmail.com


WAITAKERE ;  “Elysian”  Elyse Purdie elysianyorkies@gmail.com


SRODA SLASKA; “Port Erin” Dorota Rudnicka, ++48 71 396 45 15 porterin@o2.pl
WARSZAWA; “BARGEST” Lidia Rokicka, bargest@izet.pl


GRIMSAS; “Perro Carall’s” Lisbeth Vanhanen + 46 (0) 325 782882 carall@telia.com
DALSJOFORS; “Skogsville´s” Therese & Henrik Skog, +46 33 261604 / +46736261640 skogsville@skogsville.com


BANGKOK ;  “Chotlada”  Ladawan Chothithada + 662 711 6301 ladawanpom@yahoo.com
BANGKOK ;  “Nanette”  Nanta Tansacha NanetteNanta@gmail.com


ESSEX; “Vanhelsing” Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, +07515513129 barriedrewitt@princetonconsumer.com
ESSEX; “Chellows” Mrs. K Chevassut, +01708-507626
GREATER MANCHESTER ; “Eburacum” Richard Haynes +0616- 486 9999 yorkshireroots@hotmail.co.uk
GWYNEDD; “GADLAS” Mrs M. Davies, +01286 881841 +07900612685 MEva168@aol.com
DEVON; “Beaupetite” Diana Butt, +01803553858 beaupetite@hotmail.co.uk
DURHAM; “Minyors” Neal Harris, +07702653766 neal_harris@btinternet.com
HAMPSHIRE; “LASZLO” Miss L Hinds & Mr L Short, +01329 317388 / +07786247805 Linzihinds@hotmail.com
KENT ; “Chevawn” Mrs. J. Campion +01634 780 568 janet.campion@yahoo.co.uk
LANCASHIRE; “Roseolilly” Ms C Makin, +07891906476 charlenemakin@roseolillysaints.co.uk
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Casamays” Carol Marshall, +01205751196 casamays.cm@gmail.com
LINCOLNSHIRE; “PAUMARK” Mrs M J Chilton, +07929 989491 j.chilton@btinternet.com
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Adelak” Mr & Mrs Lakin, +0796 800 8131 adelak@btinternet.com
LONDON; “Willihelm” Caroline Eden, +020 8351 0823 willihelm@blueyonder.co.uk
MIDLOTHIAN; “Toybox” Miss E Smail, +0131 660 4063 toyboxshowdogs@btinternet.com
NORTH YORKSHIRE; “Jankeri” Mrs Janet Redhead, janet@redhead4.orangehome.co.uk
POWYS; “TAMNIK” Tricia Bragg, +01547 550337 / +07725685825 radnorstudyorkies@gmail.com
SCOTLAND (Clacks); “Labellas” Mrs. S. Johnson-Love +01259 760 777 sharonjohnsonlove@hotmail.com
SOUTH YORKSHIRE; “Fridstail” Anastasija Kotova, fridstail@yahoo.com
SOUTH YORKSHIRE; “Annshobby” Mrs Anne Scott, +0114-2649534 / +07944730079 annshobby@sky.com
SURREY; “Joshelle” Sheila Fowler, maltese-joshelle@hotmail.com
SURREY; “Keriwell” Miss F M Wells, +02083975131 fionawells77@hotmail.com
WEST SUSSEX: “Verolian” Veronica Sameja-Hilliard, +01243 774216 veronicayorkies@tinyworld.co.uk
WEST YORKSHIRE; “ANSHAREE” M.A.Shakespeare, +01977 643287 ansharee@yorkies98.fsnet.co.uk
WILTSHIRE; “Auchmuir” Mrs S Turnock sheena.t666@yahoo.co.uk
YORKSHIRE ; “CAEDLEA” DIANE LEADLEY +441947811267 diane.caedmonnets@btinternet.com
YORKSHIRE; “Wyndego” Emma Wrigley, +01937 589886 / +07767 790594 wiccachick69@aol.com
YORKSHIRE; “Lyncham” Lynda Chambers, +0114 2455322 / +07952688420 LYNCHAM9@HOTMAIL.COM


AL, HOOVER; Matina E. Johnson +(205) 369-9597 brookviewyorkies@yahoo.com
AL, CHELSEA; Shannon Moore +(205) 381-5551 pinkpawpetspa@yahoo.com
AL, BESSMER; Mary Roberts +(205) 491-6132 billys_roberts@yahoo.com
AZ, TUCSON; Douglas Woods +(520) 743-7202 dougwoods@earthlink.net
CA, ROSEMEAD; Gale Kelley +(626) 571-0909 Yorkies@earthlink.net
CA, PHELAN; Paula Nash Sikes +(760) 868-3663 casablancayorkie@verizon.net
CO, LONGMONT;Gary Velasquez +(303) 772-3385 TeaTime89@aol.com
CT, NAUGATUCK; Kathleen B. Kolbert +(203) 720-2240 kathleenkolbert@gmail.com
CT, ASHFORD; Cheryl Kroll +(860) 429-2887 cell (508) 341-9142 HiHopesyrks@gmail.com
FL, LAKE WORTH; Rita Glasel +(561) 357-9558 Winsomeyorkshire@aol.com
FL, TRINITY; Mary P. Ingersoll-Ackerman +(727) 534-4352 mpingers@yahoo.com
FL, SEBASTIAN; Judith C. Vukmanich +(772) 581-0891 judithvukmanich@att.net
GA, OXFORD; Vicki Edwards +(678) 342-9476 vicki611us@yahoo.com
GA, GAINESVILLE; Lisa Farmer +(770) 891-8820 lisafarmer@charter.net
IL, MOKENA; Leeann Kristie +(708) 479-2125 LKcognac@comcast.net
IN, NOBLESVILLE; Annette M. Yamamoto +(317) 773-0198 nettie9321@hotmail.com
KS, SALINA; Brenda S. O’Gorman +(785) 827-8304 bogorman@cox.net
KS, OLATHE; Dennis Vogan +(913) 397-0686 dennis@midstatesappraisal.com
MD, PASADENA; Catherine Sheridan +(410) 255-7926 Orielly2@verizon.net
NC, NASHVILLE; Karen L. Dent-Haywood +(252) 459-8028 kdhcamelot@embarqmail.com
NY, HAGAMAN; Karen Lee Hudson +(518) 842-3585 msyorkie54@netscape.net
PA, HAVEN; Neil Feerrar Lock +(570) 769-6521 kfeerrar1@comcast.net
TN, MURFREESBORO; Brenda Smith +(615) 867-0306 truckerH@aol.com
TX, MIDLOTHIAN; Donna Bird +(469) 245-8011 DLB90@aol.com
WA, TACOMA; Nancy Smith +(253) 312-1513 Nancysmith@prudentialcontact.com