STUD DOG REGISTER – Coming soon.


The Owner of all stud dogs listed on the ‘Stud Dog Register’, with The Breed Club Connection,  must have proof of Clinical Health Clearance for the diseases associated with the breed.   Any of the associated Breed Clubs we have listed should be able to provide information for  essential Clinical Health Clearance BEFORE a dog of this breed is used  for Stud Work.


A)  Where the owner of a ‘Stud Dog’ has a “webpage” listing with ‘The Breed Club Connection’ they get up to Two ‘Stud Dog’ Listings  ‘FREE OF CHARGE’ –  All additional entries; Fee £15.  for each dog.

B)  Where a ‘Stud Dog’ owner does  not have a  webpage listing with ‘The Breed Club Connection’ but does have a “Free Basic Breeder’s listing” they can still enter their Stud Dog(s) to the ‘Stud Dog Register’ as long as Proof of  Clinical Health Clearance, for each dog entered is met.

FEE £15.  for each Stud Dog listed.