Loyal, loving and intelligent the Skye Terrier is a breed that stands alone. Not only is their appearance singular; they have a personality to match.
Famed for having a strong bond with its humans a Skye is a highly person orientated dog and makes a good family pet, often watching over children and adults when out of the house. It can be very sensitive to its human’s moods and will offer affection in times of sadness (cleaning up spilled tears is a specialty) and comic relief in times of difficulty. Although initially wary of strangers the Skye is a friendly dog and once the first meeting is over will welcome new friends with enthusiasm and sometimes noise!
Having been originally bred for ‘going to ground’ after the likes of rabbits and foxes the Skye is an energetic dog that just loves to run. They are at home in the countryside with open fields and woodland but are easily managed in urban areas so long as a good walk is provided daily. They enjoy play – especially tug and chase games – but being strong-willed terriers play must be managed by the humans to ensure that both human and Skye get the best out of all the games.

The Skye is an intelligent dog with a great capacity to learn. Like all terriers, they can be stubborn but they enjoy the interaction that comes with training and respond well to a kind but firm handler. A Skye puppy is a blank slate when it comes to training and can easily be transformed into a show stopping breed exhibit, a paw-perfect obedience champion or a well behaved and sociable pet dog with a little time and effort from its humans.
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