Although happy in the company of others, they are fine if left alone. Sealyham Terriers are suited for both the town and country. They can be stubborn, vocal, and boisterous but also full of personality. Whilst they make for loyal family companions, they can be trained to be working dogs, making them excellent mousers or ratters. They can also be taught when a puppy to get along with other animals, including cats and birds.

Harry Parsons, described his Sealyhams thus: “They make great companions, and the way they bond with their owners is almost magical. I keep six indoors, and if someone rings about an infestation and asks us to go ratting, they will know and are out of the door in a millisecond. If you train them, they’ll retrieve. They’ll do anything to please you.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE; Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Sealyham Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


MANITOBA , Winnipeg; Avalonis Lisa Jowett +204 898 0800  WEBPAGE
ONTARIO ; Kay Guimond +519-942-3637
ONTARIO ; Barbara Welch +613-733-5083


SANTIAGO, “Vinevalley’s Sealyham Terriers, Carol C. Urra, +(56 2) 474 7884,  WEBPAGE


RAUMA ; Carita and Harri Natunen +358-50-531 3085  WEBPAGE


Lorayne Tennet; +7-887-2715;


 LUND; Anna & Istvan Gersner; +46 46135932  WEBPAGE
Olga Forlicz, +46723378568;  Fredrik Åhs; +46702230610;  WEBPAGE


MOSCOW. Kennel Seventy Seven, Наталия Шейнина, +7 926 524 1391,  WEBPAGE


KIEV; “DUNYA” Sealyham Terriers, Anna Baranova, +38 044 250 49 20,  WEBPAGE


BUCKINGHAMSHIRE ; Whooperhill Sealyham Terriers, Robert Oulton +07837322497
PEMBROKESHIRE ; Jacott Mrs Janet Wonnacott +01646 698786


CALIFORNIA; Arnold Anderson 818-353-5565
CALIFORNIA; Debbie & Pete Barabe
CALIFORNIA; Fran Brown 559-325-0575
CALIFORNIA; Ken & Karen Haugland 831-638-1592
CALIFORNIA; Karen Montgomery 916-934-9292
CALIFORNIA; Laurie Prather 408-848-6480
CALIFORNIA; Carol & Janice Simonds 415-897-1144
CALIFORNIA; Bonney Snyder 805-375-3002
COLORADO; Kennel Shshown, Dick and Ronne June, +(719) 846 8264  WEBPAGE
MISSOURI; Kenneln Thistle and Rock, Lisa Wright, +(816) 565 0600  WEBPAGE
OHIO, Granville; Kennel Afterglow, Lisa Renée Lee, +(760) 774 0081  WEBPAGE
VIRGINIA; June Cohron; 540-337-3592;  WEBPAGE