This strong, rustic breed is self-reliant and calm. It is even-tempered and docile at home and is protective with children. It is gentle with other dogs as well as other pets and people it knows. However, if challenged, the Pyrenean Mastiff will not hesitate to defend its family or itself from a perceived threat. Although it is gentle and kind with a loving temperament, it takes its work seriously and needs a strong, experienced leader. Certainly this large breed should be socialized from puppyhood to encourage confidence, but it will always be in its nature to remain suspicious of strangers.

The Pyrenean Mastiff should be trained with reward-based, positive lessons from as early an age as possible. This teaches it to pay attention to people. It is generally an independent-minded dog, and may not respect the owner if the owner is too passive.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE; Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Pyrenean Mastiff Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


Nymburk ; Ivana Hercíková; Bohemia Vampirelli; +420 775 246 415;
Lhota pod Libcany ; NOVINKY; Veronika Umlaufová; +42 732 833 180;


Sainte Margurite d’ Elle; “Du Val de Pyréne” Andrea Avelini, +0033231219188 / +0033637688366


CLARE; “Galliagh” Jenny Haslett, +353863580845


VALENCIA ; Cabeso Roig Jose Telllo Minguez Movil +34 608 868


VASTERAS ; “Wonderwhite” Carina and Lars Lindborg + 46 73 250 07 82
SKANE; “Icewater´s” Cecilia Sjöström, +46-46-253983 / +46-70-7238182


CHESHIRE; “Penellcy” Jay & Adam Wilcock, +01606 860773 / +07783 256878
GLAMORGAN ; “Desalazara” Graham Ford
GLAMORGAN; “Desalazara” Graham Ford
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Kalkasi” Ian & Yvonne Baverstock, +01775 822275 / +07799 690977
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Gillandant” Mrs G Pollard, +01775 640 469
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Shiresoak” Miss Patricia Bayliss, +01529461212
MIDDLESEX; “Pyrbern” Mrs Babs Munson, +07973 364417
SOMERSET; “Alchazandis” Miss Briony Lazarides +0797591310
SOMERSET; “Goldnavarm” lyndia hind +447875458388
SOMERSET; “Pyrenvale” Miss. P. M. Fieldhouse, +01934 824213
STAFFORDSHIRE; “Coomkirikye” Mrs.S. Coomer, +01782 271274
SUSSEX ; “Kricarno” R.M.& S.A. Tadd + 01243 513961


ALASKA; Ruth A. Marcy; Anchorage; 907-346-1772;
ARIZONA; Joan E. Laguna; Tucson; 520-881-2301;
ARIZONA; Betty Jo Patrick; Tucson; 520-722-7741;
ARIZONA; Peggy Watson; Tucson; 520-743-3295;
CALIFORNIA; Steve Axelrod; Windsor; 707-838-8587;
CALIFORNIA; Debi Carpadus; Kelsey; +530-295-0591;
CALIFORNIA; Christine Palmer-Persen; Windsor; 707-838-8587;
CALIFORNIA; Greg Rudesill; Ramona; 760-789-8222;
CALIFORNIA; Terrie Strom; Grover Beach; 805-343-9922;
CALIFORNIA; James Tobin; Granite Bay; 916-791-7580;
COLORADO; Merry Hauff Fleming; Longmont; 720-204-1864;
COLORADO; Judy Hoffman; Golden; 303-277-1746;
COLORADO; Sandra McCrady; Longmont; 303-833-5161;
COLORADO; Dave Pero; Lakewood; +303-347-0106;
CONNECTICUT; Susan Blevens; Mystic; 781-771-2022;
CONNECTICUT; Jo Ann Kippax; Putnam; +860-928-0333;
FLORIDA; Carolyn Coffman; Lithia; 813-651-4924;
FLORIDA; Donna Coffman; Lithia; 813-651-4917;
FLORIDA; Kathy Kirby; Naples; +239-643-1725;
FLORIDA; Linda McNeil; Vernon; +850-535-9979;
GEORGA; Marie Turner; Stockbridge; 404-851-4075;
IOWA; Daniel L. Hodel; Cedar Rapids; +319-446-7580;
IOWA; Kyle A. Simons; Pleasantville; 515-848-5865;
ILLINOIS; Roger Tuepker; Belleville; 618-222-9451;
ILLINOIS; Amy Zacher; Long Grove; 847-949-7977;
ILLINOIS; Bret Zacher; Long Grove;+847-949-7997;
INDIANA; Darla Daugherty: Danville; 317-331-5655;
INDIANA; Michele Miller; Columbia City; +260-248-4148;
INDIANA; Judith Roman-Royer; Richmond; +765-966-3321;
INDIANA; Leah Snyder; Indianapolis; 317-244-1114;
KANSAS; David S. Warner; Topeka; +785-224-8191;
KANSAS; Schnee Bar; Sharon & Loman Reile; +785 798 2713; Ness City;
KENTUCKY; Karen Conley; Louisville; 502-614-8625;
KENTUCKY; Betty Dameron; Campbellsville; +270-789-2556;
MASSACHUSETTS; Maria Church Davis; Littleton; +978-742-9824;
MARYLAND; Jean Boyd; Brookeville; 301-774-0622;
MARYLAND; Cynthia Miccio; Westminster; +410-875-0351;
MAINE; Janet Weymouth; Augusta; 207-622-1074;
MICHIGAN; Brigitte Doxtator; Stockbridge; +517-521-4289;
MICHIGAN; Tamra Green; Stockbridge; 517-851-4044;
MICHIGAN; Silvia King; Sheridan; 616-894-2972;
MISSOURI; Chea Michaels; Oak Grove; 816-625-3650;
MISSOURI; Beth A. Smith; Oak Grove; 816-797-0488;
MISSOURI; Jacqueline Wood ; Willow Springs; 417-469-5870;
NORTH CAROLINA; Cindy Thrall; Winston-Salem; 336-331-3240;
NEW HAMPSHIRE; Joan Blades; Effingham; +812-655-0664;
NEW HAMPSHIRE; Donna M. Sanford; Chichester; +603-798-3352;
NEW JERSEY; Rhonda Dalton; Monmouth Junction; 732-297-8937;
NEW JERSEY; Lorraine K Fennemore; Montville; 973-227-0945;
NEW JERSEY; Barbara Kahl; Mystic Island; 609-296-1209;
NEW JERSEY; Valerie Seeley Lincroft; +732-530-9288;
NEW MEXICO; Patricia Court; Los Alamos; 505-672-3414;
NEW MEXICO; Jay Salls; Questa; 575-586-2014;
NEW YORK; David Bialkowski; Holland; 716-537-9459;
NEW YORK; Victoria Coffman; Westtown; 845-726-3437;
NEW YORK; Valerie A. Davis; East Aurora; 716-652-7974;
NEW YORK; Cheryl Grimshaw; Westtown; 845-726-4476;
NEW YORK; Karen Justin; Westtown; 845-726-3437;
NEW YORK; Florence R. Laicher; Carmel; 845-225-2754;
NEW YORK; Priscilla Marsh; Garrison; 845-424-6059;
NEW YORK; Arlene Oraby; Briarcliff Manor; 914-762-3716;