Pointers are even-tempered, congenial dogs, and despite their large size, make good house pets so long as they get sufficient exercise due to their extremely high energy levels. Pointers are intelligent, affectionate, clean and intensely loyal. Their aggression level is very low to non-existent and they normally happily coexist with other dogs and cats. They are not typically territorial and can be reserved with strangers. They are very good with children and fit in well with family life generally. Pups can be somewhat boisterous and their long legs as they grow, make them appear somewhat clumsy in a charming way. They will bark at suspicious noises, but are not a great watchdog breed. While Pointers were bred to be hunting dogs, they are perfectly content to be given adequate exercise by other means. Since they are a galloping breed, regular exercise is important for them, as it is for all sporting breeds. A good-sized, securely fenced garden is a must to keep a Pointer safe, since they are bred to hunt a good distance from their person. Pointers are habitual “couch potatoes” who enjoy relaxing on the family’s chairs or sofas. This is a natural part of their desire to feel part of the pack.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Pointer Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW , Sydney; BARRAGAN; Neil Curwen & Graham Cruse; +02-47741708 neilcurwen@bigpond.com
NSW , Sydney; HIPOINT; J&R Mirto; +0419161255/ 0418261112 renata@exemail.com.au
NSW , Tamworth; RHYLL; Charlotte Gutzeit; +0267691601 rhyllpointers@iprimus.com.au
QLD , Brisbane; Tukeglen Helen McCready tukeglen@yahoo.com.au
QLD , Caboolture; CALBERICK; Patrik & Sharon Berger; + 0402 538382 info@calberick.com
SA , Gawler; ATSIRA; Jan & Ron James; +08 85221168; engpointer@bigpond.com  WEBPAGE
SA , Murray Bridge; ZENSU; Benjamin & Hollie Clarke; 0432 114 464 gunoush@hotmail.com  WEBPAGE
TAS , Hobart; ROSENFELD; Mrs Chris Lowe; +0362651158 rosenfeld@activ8.net.au
VIC , Melbourne; Aspyre Alicia & James Lumsden +0413 494 025 aspyrekennels@hotmail.com
VIC , Chiltern; KRIKKA; Linda & Keith Evans; +0357261111 krikka@bigpond.net.au
WA , Boya; AVIARII; Chris Thompson ;+0892996787 aviarii@iinet.net.au


ADINKERKE;  Kennel Crown Star, Dhr. & Mevr. Roelants-Goedhuys, bedette@live.be  WEBPAGE


ONTARIO ; Perryglen; Murray and Deanna; +705-786-3669 info@canadianpointers.ca


IGAR; Kennel Saregresi, Mrs Marianne Gyárfás, +06 25 473 088, Mobile + 06 20 2060 625,  WEBPAGE
Nagykovacsi ; Szedresi , Miss. Evelyn Vizhanyo saregresipoi@gmail.com  WEBPAGE


NAPIER ; Chesterhope Diane & Kerry O’Neill +64 6 878 4890 chesterhope@xtra.co.nz
NAPIER ; PONSONBY; Kath Lodge ponsonbydogs@hotmail.com
NORTH CANTERBURY ; PINEROCK; Jenny Hamilton ; 03 3120317 pinerock@ihug.co.nz  WEBPAGE


ARGYLL; “Raigmore” John & Pamela Tibbs, info@raigmoregundogs.co.uk
CLACKS, “Gartarry” Laura Hall, +07740265785 gartarry@yahoo.co.uk
CORNWALL; “Trexon” Sam & Ali Yeo, +01579 362512 alisonyeo57@gmail.com
DERBYSHIRE; “Jilony”; MR.& MRS ANTHONY; 01773535281; jilony@tiscali.co.uk
DERBYSHIRE; “Millpoint” Mrs Jayne Harrison, +01773 712923 / +07516809371 jayneharrison2010@live.co.uk
DEVON; “Newnutwalls” Anna Richards, +01395232337 anna_mlrichards@hotmail.co.uk
DEVON; “HAMPSBECK” Mr. Rory M. Swift, +01626330240 / +07552788730 rorymswift@hotmail.co.uk
DEVON; “Chablilly” Mr and Mrs A & C Peebles, +01398331192 / +07740927973 carol@manormillcottages.co.uk
ESSEX; “SHARNPHILLY” Sharron & Sam Dyer, +07946327289, Little_miss_dyer69@hotmail.co.uk
ESSEX; “Sobranya” Miss Cassie Collins, +01621 855513 / +07941679418 sobranya_pointers@hotmail.com
GLOUCESTERSHIRE; “FLEURFIELDS” Lynne Hinton, +01531 248354 / +07835960247 rob.lynne@talktalk.net
LEICESTERSHIRE; “Bradgate, Trish Eldridge, +01530 450177 patricia.eldridge@ntlworld.com
LINCOLNSHIRE; “Bonnygate” Arnot & Linda Wilson, +01205 260267 linda@bonnygate.myzen.co.uk
FIFE; “Carmandine” Margaret Gerrard, +01334 870028, mcg57@btinternet.com
FLINTSHIRE; “BRAITHWAITE” Professor David Brigden, +01352 780942 / +07778 547452 dnbrigden@btinternet.com
MANCHESTER; “Whipspan” Mrs. Barbara Critchley, +0161 766 8538, critchleywhipspan@googlemail.com
SOMERSET; “Stockend”; David & Jean Wood; wood.david@btinternet.com
WILTSHIRE; “Fyldefair” Mrs Sally Rankine, sally@fyldefair.co.uk
WORCESTERSHIRE; “Lowsmoor” Anne Lowe, +01905 381403 lowsmoor@onetel.com
YORKSHIRE; “JONEVA” John Evans & Peter Pavey, +01944 758743 / +07734305069 peterpavey@yahoo.com
YORKSHIRE; “Zuliquorish” S Spedding, +07806 454334 enquiries@dezign4k9.co.uk


GA , Savanah; Solivia Susan Olivia Lewis Thompson. SoliviaKennels@aol.com  WEBPAGE
AR , Little Rock; Edgehill Megan & Jane Lane Megan@edgehillpointers.com  WEBPAGE