The English Mastiff is now a completely retired fighter, dedicated to watching over his family and friends. With his great sense of patience and affection, he must be said to be the best example of “man’s best friend”.

The English Mastiff is normally great with children. He seems to understand that they are “puppies”, and treats them gently. He is both patient and protective, and despite of his size and weight, he can be trusted to look after even small children. If the dog isn’t used to children at all, he is able to learn how to deal with them even if he’s fully grown. The ideal situation is of course to bring up the puppy with the “human puppies”. Some dogs don’t have the same respect for children as they have for adults. The Mastiff would never harm a child, but the most dominant males may try to inform the youngster that he doesn’t want to be treated like dead meat. This doesn’t mean that he’ll hurt the child. It’s more likely that he’ll grab the child’s arm or hand gently, to say “don’t do that!”.

We often hear the expression “child friendly” about dogs. The most important thing to decide how any dog will act towards children, is whether the child is “dog friendly” or not. As a dog owner, you must teach your child to treat your Mastiff with respect. Most Mastiffs treat kids with an angel’s touch, but how much can you ask for? There has to be a limit, even for a dog like the English Mastiff. Kids can be terrible with animals, it’s up to you to see to that your child is “dog friendly”. Credit;     MASTIFFWEB.COM

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Mastiff Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW, Leppington ; MASTDOCH; Peter Docherty ; +02 9606 4491
NSW , Salt Ash; CADFELL; Andrew Munden; +02 4982 6777;
QLD , Minden ; HUNZEAL ; Amasha M. Caffyn ; +07 54268642 ;

SA , Two Wells; TORAMIS; Pat & John Buckley; +0412030691 or 0423958223
VIC , Emerald ; MARSTENMOOR & YANOOR ; Paul & Gabrielle Simmonds ; +03 5968 3383
VIC , Romsey; GRANDCOEUR ; Ian & Lianne Le Nepveu ; + 03 54292095 ;
VIC , Allambee Reserve; JANDLMANOR; James & Leonie Dennis; +(03) 56344225
VIC , Kyneton; DARKLING ; Janet and Ian Brownlee ; + 03 5423 4105 ; Kyneton VIC ;
WA , Margaret River; ACCUSHLA; Diane & Stephen Stokes; +08 97574473
WA , Geraldton; KUSTALI; Hannah Robins; +99641197; Geraldton WA;
WA , Perth; LLADNEK; Stacey Kendall ; +0438881960


Niederösterreich ; Vom Hause Manhartsberg; Daniela Oswald & Alex Mertens ;


Clarkville ; HESSENFIELD ; Norma Shelley ; + 03 327-9500
Ladbrooks; TOADHALL; Karen Dyer-Huria ; +03 329 6663


MOSCOW ; MASTIFFHILLS; Mrs. Golnikova Svetlana


Zemplinska Siroka ; SLNKO ZEMPLINA; Dr. Mikulas Polievka; +421 56 64 97316; 072 13


CARMARTHENSHIRE ; Cwmtysswg ; Malcolm & Pauline Gittins; +01269 592668
LINCOLNSHIRE ; MULLAK; Keith Dickinson; +07715320080
MONMOUTHSHIRE ; Bledig; Rosemary King ; +01873 831802


AL , Springville; Mountain Top; Chris Parker ; + 205-296-4594
BC , Black Creek; Rockport; Ken Pritchard; +250 337-8716
FL , Fruitland; Greesons; Linda Greeson Rice
NC , Central North; SOUTHLAND; Kim Cooley; +336-471-1866
NC , Fayetteville; Crossroads; Dennis and Jennifer Patterson; +910-867-0835
VA , Elkton Mastiffs, GREINER HALL; Stephen & Leah Napotnik; +(540) 298-9890
WI ; St. Patrick’s ; Tamara Berry