Robust, hardy and healthy, good with people and children, in many ways they make the ideal family pet – though not all will live harmoniously with another dog of the same sex, especially a Terrier of similar temperament. They respond well to consistent, patient training and attention. Bad habits once learnt are difficult to change, never encourage a puppy to do things that will not be acceptable when adult.
Though relatively small they are active dogs that love to race round, run and play with a ball. Owner’s gardens or runs need to be well fenced as Lakelands were bred to squeeze through small openings. They can walk all day, but are adaptable and if the weather is bad will be content to sit at the fireside (or preferably, if allowed, on the owner’s lap.) “Gay fearless demeanour” “on the tiptoe of expectation” – Lakelands can sometimes tremble with the sheer excitement of life – this is known as “Terrier dither” and is not a sign of nervousness. They become less exuberant as they get older.

Credit;   The Lakeland Terrier Club. (UK)

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE; Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Lakeland Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


WA ;  Hollylake, Rita Hayes, +089 8903838,


VIENNA ; Lady Windermere, Heidrun Friesleben , +00436763055,


Dendermonde; Van Foliny Home, Rony & Dieny de Munter, 003252203519,


ONTARIO;  King City; Northcote; Terri Alloway; +905-859-1865;


St Luc;  Absolute Dolce Vita, Valérie Maucert +


Erpolzheim; Von der Nachtweide, Petra Delventhal, 004963 531588,


del Benaco, Valentino & Gianpaolo Vignola. +390309119551,


Ekaterinburg; Lake City, Natalya Samodurova & Tatiana Poluboyarceva, +79086339871 & +79049861765


Terrax, Berit & Bert-Inge Axelsson, +0411532150, berit.axelsson@


CUMBRIA; Louieville, Wendy Johnston, +01931 715352;
CUMBRIA; Oregill, Alan & Angela Johnston, + 01946 820150;
LANCASHIRE; Russtam, Janette Callon & Lisa Callon-Winn, +01524 35493;
LANCASHIRE; Sonorra, Nick & Sonia Connell, +01704 227418;
LANCASHIRE; ESKWYRE, Mike & Joanne Vickers, +01282 543988; eskwyre@,
LINCOLNSHIRE; Stanstead, Margaret Whitehead , +01778 395211;
MERSEYSIDE; Leadstaffs, Chris Kerrigan & Pete Leadbeater. +0151 2089193;
NORTHUMBERLAND; Brocolitia Anne Maughan +01434 672 260
PERTHSHIRE; Corrievackie, Liz & Rab Anderson, +0188 2632272;
SOMERSET; Ralphina, Hollie Evans, +0745 4376994;
STAFFORDSHIRE; Saredon John Averis +01889 563380
STAFFORDSHIRE; Laketrix, Deb Ryan, +07818903838;
WEST MIDLANDS; Ebrooks, Joe & Helen Ashe, +0121 3554562;
YORKSHIRE; Robelroy, Elaine Baldwin, +01302 742095


ARIZONA; Phoenix; Hi-Kel; Kathleen McIndoe; +602-992-4316;
ARIZONA; Scottsdale; Susan Pallos; +602-482-0509 ;
ARIZONA; Scottsdale; Char Dar; Darlene Paynter; +480-948-9581;
CALIFORNIA; El Centro; Terra-Den, Maria & Eric Beaudikofer, +760-353-9250,
CALIFORNIA; El Centro; Cherry Creek, Kit Marks, +760-353-3442 ,
CALIFORNIA; Brocair: Danielle Green; +925-254-2074;
CONNECTICUT; Greycottage Terriers, Maria Sacco, +860.294.2100,
FLORIDA; Pompano Beach; Teraz; Judi Crowe; +954-661-5253;
FLORIDA; Winter Springs; FairVu; Barbara Collinsworth; +407-327-2889;
GEORGIA; Coolidge; Canopy Oak; Barbara & Jose Grave de Peralta; +229-346-3421;
MARYLAND; Burtonsville; Dreamweaver; Al & Eileen Ferruggiaro; +301-421-1930;
NEW YORK; Batavia; Sheffield; Johanna & Rob McCarthy; +585-344-2280;
NORTH CAROLINA; Gastonia; O’Brady; O’Brady; +704-813-8097;
NORTH CAROLINA; Greensboro; Nanhall; Hayley Keyes; +336-852-9867;
OREGON; Albany; Norwest; Michael Peterson; +541-967-6851;
PHILADELPHIA; Wakefield; Mark Brandsema; +267-353-8534:
PHILADELPHIA; Coopersburg; Thor-Kourt; Beverly Robinson & MJ Cohen; +610-838-6544;
TENNESSEE; Belvidere; Teraz; Debi Murphy; +321-243-5470;
TENNESSEE; Clifftops; Patty Harbison; +615-665-2176(h);
TEXAS; Humble; Herrington; Robert & Judy McKissick; +281-540-0735;
VIRGINIA; Lanexa; Hollybriar; Pat Rock; +804-843-2787;
VIRGINIA; Virginia Beach; Serendipity; Barbara Schneider; +757-474-9547;
WASHINGTON; Orting; Snowtaire; Barbara Decker; +253-677-7677;
WYOMING; Cheyenne; Wardrum; JoLynn Hefferman; +307-634-6940;