On the whole BSDs are very good with children, although the children need to be taught to be good with dogs!! Any dog, particularly from a large herding, guarding breed should not be left unsupervised with small children. Children should not be expected to have the maturity required for consistent and fair treatment and training of a dog. If there is a dog in the house, children can learn about their companionship and also about the responsibilities of dog ownership.


Regular, inter-active exercise is important to the health of the BSD. As a breed the BSD loves exercise such as walking and jogging (or even running whilst the owner is bicycling with care) but they like even better to play and be active with their owner (eg retrieving, searching, tracking, playing hide and seek). Exercise is necessary not only for the physical health of the Belgian, but also for his mental health. BSD are not normally “hyperactive” or prone to running away, but they are not usually content with a stroll round the block on the lead. Many behavioural problems stem from a lack of entertainment for these dogs’ active minds. They can be restless and destructive if they not given enough to think about. They are experts at pestering their owners into joint activities.

Inside or Outside?

Belgian Shepherd Dogs are very social dogs and can become distressed if they don’t share a regular playing and learning relationship with their owners. They do not make ideal outdoor dogs, although BSDs are fairly hardy and can survive most British weather conditions if they have shelter from extreme wet and cold in winter and heat in summer. However, they do best mentally if they spend a good portion of their time with their humans. They are best kept as house dogs, especially by people who spend a lot of their time at home.

Credit: Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of Great Britain.


Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Belgium Shepherd Dog Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


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