*Korthals Griffons are intelligent with softer temperaments but with a willingness to please. They do not adapt well to harsh training methods. Most Griffons do not take well to living their lives in kennels. Regular exercise and training is highly recommended. They are extremely people oriented and prefer to be somewhere in the vicinity of their owners. The breed organizations recommend purchasing from breeders providing health clearances on written contracts on their guarantees. Recent research had discovered the infusion of another breed into the Griffon worldwide. This has caused a split in most countries between those individuals wishing to retain the genuine Korthals Griffon with the clubs recognizing all breedings including the outcross hybrids

*In the USA the breed is known as the “Wirehaired Pointing Griffon”

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.


Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Korthals Griffon (Wire-haired Pointing Griffon) Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


ELLWANGEN ; “JAGSTJAEGERS” Sabine Nielsen +0049- (0) 172-9732665 info@jagstjaegers.com


GLAMORGAN ; Roetick Mr Bloss 01443 226810 philbloss@btinternet.com
WARWICKSHIRE ; Valcor WP & PD COTTERELL +01608664306 philippa@philippacotterell.wanadoo.co.uk


AR , Jacksonville; “AlibiToo” Pat Loomis +501 982-7329 patloomis@aol.com
CA , Valley Center; Capstone Griffons, Dick and Laurie Byrne +760 749-1539 hrbyrne@hotmail.com
CO . Elizabeth; Snowbirds, Hank & Sue Brandes +303 646-5991 hjbrandes@msn.com
CT , Bridgeport; Kyloe Kennels, June Markle Jill Rankinen Michael Rankinen jillrankinen@gmail.com
IA , Hull; Coppershot Griffons, Cliff Koele +712 439-1439 cliff@coppershotgriffons.com
ID , Weiser; Hun Hill Kennel, Frank Puccio +208 549-2443 frankpuccio@hotmail.com
KS , Belvue; “Aux Lake” Larry and Paula Woodward +785 456-2437 larrywoodward326@msn.com
KY , Harrodsburg; Des Vignes Rouges Kennel, Philippe Roca +859 734-9035 roca27@earthlink.net
MD , Towson; Hollow Crown, William F. C. Marlow Jr. +Mobil: 410 236-0008 williamfcm@aol.com
MD , Huntingtown; Stonehenge Griffons, Stephanie Martin +Mobil: 301 807-4228 rivahsroost@yahoo.com
MI , Ovid; GANChuKar Kennels, Charles and Karen Spiess +989 834-2660 grifspiess@yahoo.com
MI , Champion; Kyloe Kennels, Jill & Michael Rankinen & June Markle +906 339-2953 jillrankinen@gmail.com
MN , Cokato; Norling Rise, William Rose (Biff) +612 382-3060 biffsgriffs@gmail.com
MT , Whitefish; Glacier Griffons, Lisa and Allan Durand + 406 862-3913 threedogranch@msn.com
MT , Whitefish; Grouse Mountain Griffons, Tafford & LaRayne Oltz +406 863-9866 tafford@centurytel.net
MT , Choteau; PTMTGNDG, Philip V. Parsneau + 406 466-3741 ptmtgndg@gmail.com
NC , Reidsville; Cateland, Karen and Bob Cate +Mobil: 423 505-3248 kscate@me.com
NC , Boone; Foggy Gap Griffons, Jim & Michelle Clemens +828 265-4919 clemenshouse@gmail.com
NC , Browns Summit; Gap View Griffons, Darin & Tami Carr +Mobil: 336 202-2141 dcarr@cgrproducts.com
OH , Millbury; B T Griffs, Brenda and Tom Swartz +419 836-4175 btgriffs@yahoo.com
OH , Springfield; Rock Run, Kathy Yontz +Mobil: 937 631-0692 wpg@rockrunkennels.com