The Korean Jindo Dog is well known for its unwavering loyalty and gentle nature. They are of medium to high energy. They make great house dogs as long as they are given good mental and physical stimulation (i.e. plenty of on-leash walks), however they are not typically suited to dog park environments. Jindo dogs need reasonable space to roam and run but this can be accommodated through consistent walks. Jindos require a lot of care and attention. A good size garden would be very much appreciated where the fencing must be at least 6 feet high due to his strong hind legs that enable him to jump high.

Because the Jindo is an active and intelligent dog, it requires frequent interaction with people or another dog in the family. For some the Jindo may even be too intelligent, for it will commonly think for itself. The same intelligence that allows the dog to learn commands and tricks very quickly can be a bit too much to handle. If left alone for a long stretch, he seems to find his own entertainment.

Some Jindos display a curious aversion from running water and avoid situations that might get them wet. They let themselves be washed, although with great reluctance. Some may even be afraid of going out in the rain. Many Jindos would not want to cross a bridge over running water.

The Breed Needs Help;
To increase the gene pool, please support responsible breeders, consider directly importing new blood.


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