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LORIEN Border Terriers

Dawn Mahaffey

HEATHSVILLE    –    VA  5227

While being #1 is usually a great thing, that’s not always so in the dog world. The AKC reports that again this year, the Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed in the US, with more litters and puppies being registered with the AKC than any other breed. This fate has spelled disaster for more than one breed, because it means that there are LOTS and LOTS of puppies being bred, unfortunately many by persons who hope to cash in on the breed’s popularity, but who are not always responsible, knowledgable or ethical breeders.

Our goal is for EVERY individual who purchases a puppy to have a happy, healthy dog. However, buyers of purebred dogs must be cognizant of the fact that genetics is an imperfect science. Every breed, each with its own unique characteristics that make it special, also has genetic predispositions toward certain conditions or problems. We encourage all potential buyers to fully research their breeds, be aware of the common genetic problems in any breed they consider, and to thoroughly “check out” and feel comfortable with any breeder and any guarantees they might offer before purchasing a puppy.


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