KENNEL Imrun – Affenpinscher Breeders of Merit

IMRUN Affenpinschers

Ingunn Axelsen

Hedmark County    –    Kongsvinger

Imrun is a small friendly Norwegian kennel.

I am a the owner of kennel Imrun and my name is Ingunn Axelsen,my daughter, Emmie, is also co-owner to all the dogs in our kennel but for the time beeing she is a student at the university in Oslo.
We live in Hedmark county not far from Kongsvinger town and not far from the Swedish border.
I have 9 dogs living here home with me, 8 Affenpinschere and 1 Spanish waterdog. We own other dogs too but they lives with co-owners, friends and family.

Every day, summer and winter, I take the dogs out and walk with them for 1-2 hours. Usually we walk in the forrest were the dogs can run free. I also take 2-3 of them in to the town 4-5 days a week for training, to meet people, learn to walk in the town with all the traffic and noice.

All the dogs live in the house together with me and are a part of the family and they do the same things like rest of the family, lie in the sofa and watch tv at night together with mum.

CH. Imrun's Suloinen Seijo Koriata

CH. Imrun’s Suloinen Seijo Koriata


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