The German Wirehaired Pointer is affectionate, lively, very determined, active and intelligent. Eager to learn and loyal to its family, it needs a handler who is consistent in approach. They like to be occupied, are vigorous and enjoy working for their owners. They are friendly with those they know, but are naturally aloof with strangers and should be socialized at an early age.’ This is one breed of dog that does not do well in a kennel environment. German Wirehaired pointers are happiest and most well behaved when they are part of the family and can spend time with their people. They can be rather wilful and they like to roam. Powerful and energetic, they can become bored and hard to manage without enough exercise. The German Wirehaired pointer is a good all-around gun dog, able to hunt any sort of game on any sort of terrain. This dog has a good nose and can track, point, and retrieve on both land and water. Loyal and playful, the German Wirehaired Pointer thrives on human companionship. These dogs should have the correct temperament to live with children of all ages

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a German Wirehaired Pointer Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


QC , St Lambert de Lauzon; Bourg-Roya Gilbert Tremblay & Renee Fortier +(418) 8892288


LINCOLNSHIRE ;BAREVE Barbara & Sharon Pinkerton +(0)1469


AZ , Phoenix; WIREWORKS Angela Milowski +(480) 213 9891
WA , Snohomish; Inverness Jack & Laura Myles +(360) 668 2841
WI , Ellsworth; WhiskerDog Bob & Ann Karrick