Eurasiers are calm, even-tempered dogs. They are watchful and alert, yet reserved towards strangers without being timid or aggressive. Eurasiers form a strong link to their families. For the full development of these qualities, the Eurasier needs constant close contact with its family, combined with understanding, yet consistent, training. They are extremely sensitive to harsh words or discipline and respond best to soft reprimand. Eurasiers were bred as companion dogs; as such they do poorly in a kennel environment such as those commonly used for institutionally trained service dogs, nor are they well suited for the social stresses of working as a sled or guard dog. Training should always be done through family members, not through strangers or handlers. Eurasiers should never be restricted to only a yard, kennel, crate, or chained up. They would pine and become depressed. Within these limitations, Eurasiers can work very well as therapy dogs. This breed enjoys all kinds of activities, especially if the activities involve their family. Eurasiers are calm and quiet indoors, outdoors they are lively and enjoy action. Eurasiers rarely bark but if they do, they usually have a good reason.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Eurasier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


AB, Calgary, Sunwolf Eurasiers, Wayne Nelson,
BC, Cloverdale; Edelweiss Eurasiers, Judi Neumeyer,
BC, Chemainus; Sundog Eurasiers, Karla Erickson,
NS, Halifax Region; EverEndeavor Eurasiers, N. Horn,
ON, Hamilton, Naku Eurasiers, Margaret & Paul Knight,


HERTFORDSHIRE ; Kelltikee Mrs Justine Sargeant 01707 872281
MILTON KEYNES ; Phaysels Mrs. C. King 01908 632038
WILTSHIRE ; Buffspike Steve Ockwell 01793 430704


AK, Chugiak; Williwaw Ridge Eurasiers, William & Kateri Swears, +(907)688-8374
MA, Plymouth, North River Eurasiers, Jackie Murtha, +508-747-1864