The Kennel Club Standard for the English Setter describes his temperament as intensely friendly and good natured. Above anything else, this is probably the one most significant attribute which separates an English Setter from other breeds. Regardless of whether we are breeders, exhibitors, pet owners, or all three, we have probably chosen the English Setter as a breed we wish to live with, largely because of the excellent temperament. It is part of the breed type and is an attribute we must not lose

Credit; The English Setter Association.  (UK)

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE; Some breeders listed here may not be members of a English Setter Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NAGYFUGED ; “Princess Pride” English Setters,  Krisztina Dudas +36 70 204 88 99 dudas@princesspride.hu


Blesdijke: “Fanchon English Setters”, Mike Brown, +31.561.452464 englishsetter.fanchon@planet.nl or engset.dunley@planet.nl


CHESHIRE, Crewe; “Balvenie” Rhoneen Schoneville, +447823322201. r.schoneville@sky.com
CO. DURHAM, Barnard Castle; “Ennydloc” Pat Colton +01833 627192. patsycolton@btinternet.com
DEVON, Axminster; ” PILSDON” Mrs Heather Lenzi +01460 220914 pilsdonkennels@aol.com
DEVON, Barnstaple; “Covarney”, Mr & Mrs Condron, +01271 812813 gkcovarney@hotmail.co.uk
HEREFORDSHIRE, Ross on Wye; “Indisett” Mrs A. James +01989 767822. a.james442@btinternet.com
LANCASHIRE ; “Sunrush” Ruth and Charles Owens sunrushsetters@yahoo.co.uk English Setter Club
MIDDLESEX, Sunbury-on-Thames; “Aebletrae” Mrs W J & Mr J Bredahl + 01932 784438 +(Mobile) 07961 142981 wendyjb@hotmail.co.uk
YORKSHIRE, Shipley; “ABIWROSE” Joanne Wilson, +01274 422817. +(Mobile) 07905281410. wilsonle@talktalk.net


AL, (Smiths): “Windjammer” English Setters,Larry & Gloria Owens, +334-297-3081 windja@aol.com
AR, (Arkadelphia); “Gold Rush” English Setters, Norman & Diane Michelsen +909-560-1118 gldrush@earthlink.net
AZ, (Overgaard): “Pine Meadows” English Setters, Lynne Coffman +928-535-4121 lynnewthe@aol.com
CA, (Moss Landing): “Columbine” English Setters, Claudia Bartlett +831-633-5647 wilbart2@aol.com
CA, (Fair Oaks): “Edwardian-Intarsia” English Setters, +Joyce B. Weichsl & Deborah Bean, +916-966-6596 jweichsl@earthlink.net
CA, (Fresno): “Engait” English Setters, Stephanie Conrad, +970-978-2124 engaitenglishsetters@yahoo.com
CA, (Citrus Heights): “Heather Glen” English Setters, Anna Harlow +916-728-1954 amharlow@heatherglenes.com
CA, (Arroyo Grande): “Lorien” English Setters, Irene M. Bottrell, +805-543-1625 bottrell1@aol.com
CO, (Boulder): “Upland” English Setters, Wanda Guitar, +303-449-9543 uplandunl@juno.com
CT, (Sherman): “Arrowood” English Setters, Ardys R. McElwee, +860-355-3302 arrowoodsetters@gmail.com
CT, (Enfield): “Sleepy Hollow” English Setters, Lori Mowery, +860-966-8187 huskerlori@hotmail.com
ID, (Eagle): “Wyndswept” English Setters, Debi J. Mack, +208-794-6354 wyndswept@englishsetter.us
IL, (Chicago): “Stargaz’r” English Setters,Thomas J. & Patricia K. Skol, +773-284-6653 stargazr-kennels@comcast.net
ME, (Owls Head): “Starkeeper” English Setters, Veronica C. and Ernest L. Harrington, +207-594-0123 starkeeper.es@roadrunner.com
MD, (Williamsport): “Celestial” English Setters, Tammy & Roger Vann, +301-223-1445 tammy@celestialsetters.com
MD, (Bel Air): “Shelterbelt” English Setters, Mike & Erin Germann, +410-575-3675 mike@shelterbeltsetters.com
MI, (Fenton): “Pine Hollow” English Setters, Lynda Chase & David Otlewski, +586-980-7522 pinehollowenglishsetters@lyndachase.com
MI, (Lawrence):”Triple Creek” English Setters, George & Rosemary Wheatley, +616-560-9681 triple-creek@btc-bci.com
MN, (Minneapolis):”Aerden” English Setters,Laurie E. Engel,+612-840-5968, aerdensetters@comcast.net
MN, (Rochester):”EvrSett” English Setters, Gladys, Lynn & Joanna Jacobson, +507-358-8022 duckyjo42@yahoo.com
MT, (Roundup):”Bull Mountains” English Setters, Dr. Rhonda Dillman, +406-323-3264 obeddogs@midrivers.com
NJ, (Kingston:)”Kingston” English Setters, Jane & John Danek, +201-230-5547 janedanek9@gmail.com
NH, (Hancock):”Fieldplay” English Setters, Col. G. Robert & Frances J. Stevens, +603-525-4046 fieldplay@gmail.com
NY, (Bronx):”Bourbon” English Setters, Lourdes T. Fernandez, +718-824-9303 bourbon2@ix.netcom.com
NY, (Circleville):”Chestnut Ridge” English Setters, Cyndi O’Brien, +845-346-6635 chestnutridge@hvc.rr.com
NY, (Saugerties):”Loralei” English Setters, Lori Curran, +845-246-8386 loricurran@hvc.rr.com
NY, (Holmes):”Mountainview” English Setters, Shareen Brown, +845-855-9085 gsetter@comcast.net
NC, (Zirconia):”BJ” English Setters, B. J. Parsons, DVM & Kristen Mooney, +CELL: 828-606-8629 jsetters@aol.com
NC, (Waxhaw):”Editions” English Setters, Karen Corey & Conny Helms, +704-843-9390 or 704-962-5385 kcorey@carolina.rr.com or chelms202@carolina.rr.com
NC, (Waxhaw):”Positively” English Setters, Suzanne Craig, +704-843-7270 kellnsuz@aol.com
OH, (Sabina):”Fivegates” English Setters,Patrica Herring, +440-213-7955 fivegatesenglishsetters@hotmail.com
OR, (Prospect):”Wind Dancer” English Setters, Kathy Rodriguez, +541-560-3561 windancek@aol.com
PA, (Lancaster):”Artizoe Keeley” English Setters, Kendra Huber, L Trottier & L Journault, +717-580-8975 keeleysetters@aol.com
PA, (Eighty-Four):”Bayou Bend” English Setters, Dede Ruth, +724-239-2214 bayoubendes@gmail.com
PA, (Petersburg):”Dakotah” English Setters, Mardi D. Hockenberry, +814-667-2210 dakotahes@hotmail.com
PA, (Hershey):”Odyssey” English Setters, Coleen Raber, +717-534-1538 odysseyes@msn.com
PA, (Hershey):”PB&J” English Setters, Brian & Julie Quirk, +717-221-3741 jequirk@aol.com
PA, (Elverson):”Sunnybank” English Setters, Thomas Kaiser, +610-942-8881 esetter@comcast.net
TN, (Dandridge):”Blu ‘Star” English Setters, Janis Flaherty, +773-735-3261 englishsetter1@me.com
TN, (Dandrige):”Stargaz” English Setters, Thomas J. & Patricia K. Skol, +773-284-6653 CELL: 312-497-732 stargazr-kennels@comcast.net
TX, (Winnsboro):”Camellia” English Setters, Lori Whorff, +903-342-9698 cameliaesetters@aol.com
TX, (Driftwood):”Feathers” English Setters, Jan & David Carlson, +512-858-0728 featherscountry@hughes.net
TX, (Richmond):”Jesmic” English Setters, Marcia Long, +281-341-1929 jesmic6@aol.com
WA, (Kennewick):”Prairie Crest” English Setters, Lynn Neff, +509-939-2992 lynn@pcsetters.com s
WA, (Wenatchee):”Set-Point” English Setters, Norman & Louise Day, +509-669-6435 nfday@msn.com
WA, (Clinton):”Setter Ridge” English Setters, Paul & Melissa D. Newman, +360-661-1142 setterridge@englishsetter.com
WA, (North Bonneville):”Sterling” English Setters, Wendy Johnson & Forest Hofer, +509-427-5390 zendervester@yahoo.com
WA, (West Richland):”Trendset’rs” English Setters, Dennis & Sally Sieracki, +509-967-6661 trendset@3-cities.com
WA, (Colgate):”Linwood” English Setters, Lin Sell, +262-628-4303 linwoodes@charter.net
WA, (Hartland):”Monimar” English Setters, Mary K Iverson, +262-966-7665 Monimarstr@aol.com