The Dalmatian is well known for its exuberance and love of life. It is an intelligent and headstrong breed, a combination that requires sensitive and knowledgeable handling. Like many breeds, it benefits from a training regime to keep its brain occupied, focused exercise to promote healthy growth and obedience, and free running. The Dalmatian is happiest when working with its owner in ways that play to its strengths and instincts. Dalmatians make great family pets and are usually good with children. Dalmatians have a urinary system unique in the dog world, and they have a few special requirements because of this to prevent medical complications. Their diet should never be extremely high in protein, and they must be allowed access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Dalmatians also should have the opportunity to relieve themselves frequently to keep the urinary system flushed. With these simple protocols in place, your Dalmatian should live a long, healthy life.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE:  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Dalmatian Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW, Queanbeyan: Kennel “Lukius”. Rebecca Woiwade: Email: lukius@optusnet.com.au MEMBERSHIP; DogsNSW Member number: 2100003713
ACT, Canberra ACT: Kennel “Silvafyre”; Trish, Lenora and Julian Dyer; Tel. +0429654112
QLD, Brisbane: KENNEL “Liteflite”; David & Marilyn Staines: Tel. + 0419 759 340
QLD, Rosewood; Kennel “Paceaway”; Fran Darling; Tel +0408 880466
VIC, Ballarat: Kennel “Belnova”: Garry & Janis Wombwell: Tel: +03 53 32 1418
NSW,Sydney; Kennel “Dumbledeer” Mary and Pam Young; Tel. +02 9652 2205 or 02 9913 9424


Petrinja; KENNEL “Lacrima Christi”; ANITA & ZELJKO RADIC; PHONE; +38544520417; +384989454002.


Saint Sever; KENNEL “des Perles d’écume”; Mlle Armelle Frécinat; PHONE; +05 58 76 51 55
Saint Auvent; KENNEL “du moulin de l’ageq”; Monsieur LALOI daniel et Mlle LOUCHART valerie; PHONE; +05 55 48 17 31; EMAIL: valerie.louchart@nordnet.fr
FOLCARDE; KENNEL “FOLCARDE”; Carina DARBAS; PHONE; +; EMAIL; starmagic@wanadoo.fr


Rubiera (RE); KENNEL “Allevamento” & “Herberiensis”; Francesco Ricchetti; PHONE; +39 340 2910304; EMAIL; frankric2002@yahoo.it


RH Steenbergen (NB); Namara Erna Kuipers and Luc Aben 0031 (0) 1675 00882 465 info@namaras.nl


Cambridge; Kennel “Audax”; Gillian Butcher; Tel; +64 7 827 1711
Lower Hutt: Kennel “Cristabo”; Carla Walsh: Tel:(04)564-1611; MEMBERSHIP, The Dalmatian Club of New Zealand.


CUMBRIA ; Shulune Michelle Fort 01946 831093 shulune@aol.com  WEBPAGE
MERSEYSIDE ; Alphadal Dalmatians Mrs PM & Mr CP Goodswen +07821452320 alphadal@hotmail.co.uk
NORTHUMBERLAND ; CAMARGUE Dalmatians Ernie Paterson +01670 531713 ernip321@aol.com
WILTSHIRE ; BOSCHENDAL Mrs Josephine McManus +01666 823 927 jamesandjosephine@btinternet.com
WORCESTERSHIRE ; Daymadals Graham Townson & Sharon Pardoe +g.townson@btinternet.com


MN , St. Paul; Paisley Sue MacMillan and Ron Rajala SueMac@Paisleydals.com
NH , Lee; Riverside Richard Baker (603) 868 2262 Lee; richard.baker155@comcast.net
NJ , Chester; Shamrock Jackie & Mike Quinn ( 908 ) 879 2075 jackie@shamrockdalmatians.com   WEB PAGE