The Cesky Terrier was selectively bred to be less aggressive than either of its parent breeds. A Cesky should not be overly shy or overly aggressive. They do tend to be reserved with strangers, so early and frequent socialization is recommended. A puppy obedience class is an excellent way to introduce your puppy to other people and dogs, spend some quality time together and set a good foundation for future training. Cesky Terriers are very devoted to their owners, and friendly with those they know. Unlike many other terrier breeds, Cesky Terriers tend to get along with and like other dogs. They are wonderful with people of all ages, and seem to have a special affinity for children, particularly if raised with them. They are excellent house dogs—well mannered and anxious to please—and enjoy being members of the family and being near the people they love.
Cesky Terriers are intelligent, responsive and trainable, but are too soft-tempered for harsh training methods. As puppies they may be rambunctious, but as they mature most are happy to be couch potatoes until it’s play time. For a small dog, they are quite sturdy and athletic and enjoy exercise and a good game of fetch.

Cesky Terriers are definitely house dogs who crave human interaction and attention. They are not well-suited for outdoor or kennel life (most don’t even like to go out if it’s drizzling, although they do seem to enjoy snow) and need, and deserve, to be part of the family. Because their exercise needs are minimal, they do well in a city apartment or in the country. They are not as “yappy” as many terriers, but they are alert and vigilant watch dogs who will definitely let you know when someone comes to the door.
Credit; The National Cesky Club of America.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Cesky Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


VIC: KENNEL “CHALAN” Jane Hyman: EMAIL: seaLys@bigpond.com


BORISLAV: KENNEL “HAMENTASHEN”: Martina a Petr Urban: EMAIL: bulterier@hamentashen.cz
Blovice: KENNEL “GAREX”: Gabriela van Ruiten Hajnová & Harry van Ruiten: PHONE: +420 (0) 732906643
CHEB: KENNEL “DE SALAVINA”: Zdenek a Lenka Ptáckovi: PHONE: +420345432729: MOBILE: ++420602261602
Kamenice 7: KENNEL “Bohemia KamireIng”: Irena Kalná: PHONE:+42 066/727 34 86 & mobil: +42 0606/360 116
Netolice: KENNEL “CHOVATELSKÁ”: Helena Matejeková: PHONE: +420 724 812 129.
Zbytky 302, Rychvald: KENNEL “Kalifa Bohemica”: Kamila Seberová: PHONE:+ 737320096


Lage: KENNEL “vom Stumpfen Turm”: F.W. & K. LefhaLm: PHONE: +05232 / 7357
PhiLippsthaL: KENNEL “STARDUST”: SyLvia & Eberhard Schmieder: PHONE: +0049-06620 / 8287
Ragow: KENNEL “BUMBLE BEE” AngeLika and Jürgen HummeL: PHONE: +49 33764 21279. EMAIL: jhummeL@web.de
Sydower FLieß/ OT GrüntaL: KENNEL “of CESKY DREAMS”: Michael Weser: PHONE: +49 / (0)3337 – 451958: EMAIL: mweser@online.de


Kloosterlaan; van Bodasca Charlotte Froon +31 (0) 345 50 11 35 chafroon@cesky.nl
BW Sassenheim: KENNEL “GAREX”: Gabriela van Ruiten Hajnová & Harry van Ruiten: PHONE:+31 (0) 6 13171582.
Zoelmond: KENNEL “van BODASCA”: Charlotte Froon : PHONE: + 0345 – 50 11 35.


Waimate: KENNEL “DELLAWOOD”: Lynne Marie Tuhou: PHONE: +3 689 8544: EMAIL: deLLawoodpugs@cLear.net.nz


Chorwacka: KENNEL “DAY BREAK”: MarioLa & PoLa Dziemidowicz : PHONE: +796 800 196: EMAIL: siloe3@wp.pL


Glamorgan, Neath; Pendevour Norina & William Evans 01639 636509 welshcesky@sky.com


NJ;  Loren Marino + 732 278 9449 loren@altrinchamusa.com