Originally bred for farm work, including herding sheep and cattle. Cardigan Welsh Corgis were bred long and low to make sure that any kicks by cattle would travel safely over the dogs’ heads without touching them. Known as “a big dog in a small package. Cardigans are highly intelligent, active, athletic dogs. They have proven themselves as excellent companion animals, Cardigans are affectionate, devoted companions that can also be alert and responsible guardians. If socialized at a young age, they can be nice with other dogs and house pets. Some Cardigan corgis are ‘one-man dogs. Cardigans are typically excellent watchdogs, as they are highly alert to the approach of strangers to their territory, and will be very vocal until they and/or their owner are assured that the stranger poses no threat. They tend to be wary of strangers and to reserve their affection for a select few with whom they are familiar.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Cardiganshire Corgi Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


ONTARIO, Williamsburg; Aberwyvern, Marilyn Boissonneault +613-543-3435
ONTARIO, Dundalk; Yasashiikuma, Shelley Camm +519-923-2681
ONTARIO, Elgin; Merrymoon, Reg., Barbara Hoffman +613-359-5845  WEBPAGE


ARDDUN Karen Bechmann +452221 7803 Holbaek


MOSCOW; ZAMOK SVYATOGO ANGELA Natalia Bulygina +7 495 611 7226 Moscow  WEBPAGE


SURREY; LIEBEHUND Jo & Martyn Lovell 01252 547705
Carmarthenshire;  BRYNLLUAN John Essenhigh & Huw Bishop 01269 844 846
Lincolnshire;  JOSETER Peter Clifton 01778 346731 Lincolnshire
Northants; Kilvroch Eileen Eby
Herefordshire; Tyci Mrs Brenda Piears 01432 266103
SUFFOLK; Lelaps Messrs D Knights and J Stokes 07904659311


AK, Wasilla; Grandiose, Jessica Viera +719-322-1397
AK, Anchorage; Nicholar, Sharon Young +907-243-2493 907-440-7286
AL, Albertville; Cornerstone, Rita Hellegers +256-660-1331
AL, Madison; Regent, Heidi Spradling +256-461-1222
AR, Springdale; Giant Dance, Mark & Connie Clarke +479-466-8836
AZ, Tucson; Aelwyd, Karen Harbert +520-760-8994  WEBPAGE
CA, Sebastopol; Shonleh, Sharon Curry +707-823-2342 707-823-0221
CO, Denver; Allegro, Jeri Lamy +256-837-7858
DE, Lewes; Kimberwicke, Sophie Marvel +302-645-6932 302-542-2278
FL, Naples; Jeweltone, Lori Sams +239-825-0730
FL, Loxahatchee; Live Oak, Paula Botkin +561-792-6971
FL, Palm City; Telltail, Paula O’Donnell +772-220-0397 561-346-7169
GA, Lilburn; Solstice, Jinnie Strickland +915-479-5113
IA, Wilton; Ci Glas, Melanie Harkness +563-324-3443 563-343-9455
IA, Le Claire; Riverbend, Kim & Kathy Gibson +563-940-1561 563-289-8115
ID, Meridian; Rhoswen, Carolyn A. Tompkins +208-484-8299 208-323-7943
IL, Andalusia; Davenitch, Connie Whan +309-798-5378 309-737-3697
IN, New Palestine; Bridgelady, Bonnie Money +317-861-8095 502-643-7249
KY, LaGrange; Turn-key Cardigans, Tina Bosemer +502-396-6129
LA, Pineville; Cajun Cardigans, Keith Bonin +318-201-9017 318-487-0140  WEBPAGE
LA, Downsville; Llys Draig, Joan P Adams +318-547-0241
MA, Framinham; WindDancer, Mary DeToma +774-248-4627
MA, West Newbury; Newbury Cardigans, 978-462-9245 978-265-2321
MD, Upper Marlboro; Grangefield, Shirley Hobbs +301-249-2808
MD, North East; Heritage Hill, Deborah Moore +410-392-5434
ME, West Bath; Grand Slam, Kathryn Stead +207-443-5060 207-751-3910
ME, Warren; Kaleidoscope Cardigans, Dawn Small +207-975-5927
MI, Grand Rapids; MyLyn Cardigans, Beverly Mercer +616-272-9281
MI, Fremont; Royalwood Kennels, Jon Clapp +231-924-2743
MN, Minneapolis; Daybreake Cardigans ; Dawn Fisher +612-824-7738
MN, Lafayette; Idyll Farms, Elaine L. Ballman +507-341-8169
MN, Sherburn; Qwaynt, Jean Runge +507-841-1483
MN, Saginaw; Vermilion, Barbara Peterson +218-729-4527 218-349-9233
MO, Bloomsdale; Cardiridge Cardigands, Marla & Sam Jr. Gardner +314-36-7626
MO, Raymore; Kingsbury, Jacque Glenn +816-516-4720
MO, Manchester; Mosaic Cardigans, Cathy Porter +636-527-4132
MO, St. Clair; Tin Roof, Laura Marrocco +314-378-5443
NC, Mocksville; Cadnoclun Farm, Elizabeth Hillebrand +336-998-6923
NC, Bear Creek; Cymbrogi Cardigans, Cynthia Smith & Jeff Welch +919-812-3646 c
NJ, Franklinville; Debonaire, Kathryn Tanguay,
NM, Los Lunas; Elyan, Penni Adrian +505 250-0607
NM, Blanco; Morningstar, Wendi Luce +505-334-3086 505-320-8235
NY, Glenville; Big Ears, Bruce McDowell +518-280-1461
NY, Holland; Roragyn Cardigans, Cynnie & Norman Smith +716-537-9050
OH, Valley City; Ula Mauna, Deborah Brooks +330-321-8882 330-483-9925
OR, Dexter; Sunshine, Jim and Debbie Berry +541-746-8536 541-914-8397
PA, Girard; Dragonpatch Cardigans, Deborah Anthony +814-490-2968 814-434-0822
PA, Marianna; Rhys Cardigans, Beverly Johnson +724-267-3327
PA, Doylestown; Tayken, Susan Stephon +215-340-5088
PA, Easton; Xtacee Cardigans, Kathryn Schwabe +610-698-6108 610-905-4931
SC, Taylors; Stone’s Throw Farm, Stephanie Stoner +864-905-2158
TN, Memphis; Belukha, Tammy Batac +907-240-0741 901-417-7573
TN, Tullahoma; Lyberty, Laura Hood +931-808-9701
TX, McKinney; Harmony, Helen Cantrell
TX, Spring; Pooh’s Corner, Ellie Macnair +281-367-3371 832-928-7022
TX, Mesquite; Snapdragon Cardigans, Lisa Anderson, DVM +214-793-5220
TX, Allen; Tailwind, Cassie Frank +702-595-7607
TX, Centerville; Trinity River Cardigans, Dr. Wimberley Kay & Nathan Krueger +979-595-5909
VA, Callaway; Foothills, Lynn Maxey +540-489-5410 540-238-7285
WA, Edmonds; Wellshire (Reg’d), Paula & Eric Weller +206-915-1873 425-672-7626
WA, Battle Ground; White Hart Cardigans, Barbara R Miller +925-786-8876
WI, Racine; Arbennig; Emily & Cynthia Banaszak +262-554-2092