The Bullmastiff is a powerfully built symmetrical dog showing great strength and purpose without appearing ungainly. It must be sound and active and it should be totally reliable in temperament. When young it is often high-spirited and headstrong and needs firm handling. There is a big difference between a bouncing puppy and a determined adolescent weighing in at 9 stone.

The Bullmastiff is always alert even when appearing comatose. It is faithful and a naturally talented guard dog with a built-in ability to assess the situation and take appropriate action. It is very people orientated and loves physical contact.

As a breed, Bullmastiffs love and need to be part of the family. They enjoy being with people and should never be chained up or isolated. They are hardy and will adapt to sleeping in a kennel but human contact is essential for them. Bullmastiffs tend to be good gardeners. They absolutely love digging holes, destroying plants, eating soil and stones. As with most breeds of dog some will chew anything and everything or you may be lucky and have a Bullmastiff that behaves impeccably.

Bullmastiffs are excellent jumpers. They should be able to clear a farm gate from a standing start. Your garden needs to be secured with at least 5 ft high fencing. More expense. Some Bullmastiffs are great ‘escape artists’. It is amazing how small some holes are that they manage to wriggle their way through. Bullmastiffs can be mischievous at times, but this is all part of their character.

Credit;   The Southern Bullmastiff Society Welfare.  (UK)     admin@southernbullmastiffwelfare.co.uk

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Bullmastiff Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.

IMPORTANT.  A Bullmastiff with exaggerated features is the result of bad breeding. Credit; The Breed Club Connection.


NSW, Norther; Lismore; Anmenta; Andrew and Melissa Smith; anmenta@lis.net.au
NSW, Sydney; KANGALA; Kerry Cannon; +0409 327 494; kangala@iprimus.com.au
NSW, Bungendore; GRIZZMUFFLEY; Brendan & Stacey Wehmeier;+0420 938 026
NSW, Waterview Heights; BULLARMOUR; Terrence Kelly; +02 66449920; bullarmour@bigpond.com  WEBPAGE
NSW, Albion Park Rail; Kennelcrest; Aafje & Aimee Pearson; +(02)42566162; kencrest@bigpond.net.au
SA, Gawler; Oldworld Bullmastiffs; June Sellars; +0408 811 457; Oldworld1@bigpond.com  WEBPAGE
VIC, North Eastern Suburbs; “Bullmaster”; Bullmaster Kennels; +03 9435 8201


Quebec; Caxton Bullmastiffs; Claude & Francoise Lafreniere; +450 753 6366; caxton@live.ca  WEBPAGE
Alberta; AllyRae Bullmastiffs; Renee Pollon; +(780)668-0045; arkbulls@gmail.com  WEBPAGE
British Columbia; Statham Bullmastiffs; +604 819 9774; stathambullmastiffs@gmail.com


Sastamala; Bullberry Bullmastiffs; Hanna Palos; hanna@oriasema.net  WEBPAGE


AE MADE;  Lord of The Bulls; Pieter & Jannie Van Mourik; + 31 (0) 162 681 150


Taupiri; Ghostgum Bullmastiffs; Mark & Susann Murray; +07 8244131; ghostgum@orcon.net.nz
Central Hawke’s Bay; AKYLAH; Rachel Collins; rachel@akylah.co.nz
Auckland; WATERLEA; Vicki Mills; +0274352235; mills2@xtra.co.nz
Te Awamutu;  Brookpark Bullmastiffs; Rebecca Dalglish; +07 823 8368; beckyd.01@vodafone.co.nz  WEBPAGE


Považská Bystrica; Bull-Kajan Bullmastiffs; Mgr. Karol Janoška; +421 905 734 576; bullkajan@nullbullkajan.sk


Odessa; Gold Bonus Bullmastiffs; Natalia Kuchanskaya; +38(093)858-39-38; goldbonus@inbox.ru


GLASGOW ; Maskeen Bullmastiffs, Liz Pope & Louise Smith,+0141-8764660 maskeen53@gmail.com
LANCASHIRE ; JESSIEMAI BULLMASTIS, Mrs Joanne Burgin,+07791605116, burginkburgin@aol.com
LANCASHIRE ; Hyerdunscar Bullmastiffs, Mrs J Lindley, lindleyjulie@hotmail.com
LINCOLNSHIRE ; Staxonoby Bullmastiffs, Kerry Young, staxonobybullmastiffs@hotmail.co.uk
LIVERPOOL; OPTIMUS Peter Myers & Deborah Morgan; +07711814129; optimus@blueyonder.co.uk
MID GLAMORGAN ; Allwatcha Bullmastiffs, Amanda White,+01443 222 608 allwatcha@btinternet.com
SHROPSHIRE ; Eternalpride Bullmastiffs, Mr. R. Aston & Miss. K. Bradley,+01952740330, eternalpride@hotmail.co.uk


CA, Sunnyvale; Kia’i Po Bullmastiffs; M. Ellen Bentley; +408 739 1652
CA, Sonoma; HawksLair Bullmastiffs; Susan Sparks; +707 938 8065
CT, Sandy Hook; Shadyoak; Pamela A. Kochuba; pam.kochuba@gmail.com
CT, Newtown; BANSTOCK; Helene Nietsch; helene@banstock.net
FL, Fort White; Bandog Bullmastiffs; Sandra K. Ohidy; +386 454 8535; Lsanders1930@yahoo.com
FL, Ridge Manor; Patriot Bullmastiffs; Janet Poulton; +352 583 5362; patriotbul@aol.com
IL, Woodstock; ROPS Bullmastiffs; Robert Sedlacek & Rita O. Pucci M.D.; *815 206 3545
IL, Morrison; WATERS Bullmastiffs; Leyland & Cynthia Waters; +815 772 4597; lee@bullmastiff.biz
MI, Ann Arbor; Happylegs Bullmastiffs; Chris Lezotte & Alan Kalter; +734 741 7326
MN, Ham Lake; Gaffle Bullmastiffs; Kathy (Gladen) Kocher; +763 786 0768; KathyKocher@comcast.net
NH, Middleton; Heavensent Bullmastiffs; Paul & Cheryle Peavey; +603 473 2380
NH, Swanzey; Stonebull; Jackie Smith & Steve Krulish; +603 352 7698
NJ, Howell; Far Isle; Joseph Matano; +732 363 0129; farisleBM@aol.com
NY, Holland; Adora Bullmastiffs; Doreen & Bill Moskaluk; +716 537 2530
NY, Parksville; Bully Boy Bullmastiffs; Fern & Bill Dittmar; +845 292 0017
NY, Warwick; Burning Wood Bullmastiffs; Barbara Jacobs; +845 544 1952
NY, Holland; Clover City Bullmastiffs; Valerie Potratz; +716 537 2359e
NC, Wilson; Trugrit Bullmastiffs; Al Batchelor; +252 291 4050
OH, Rootstown; FD Farm; Debby & Fred McLaughlin; +330 221 1782;. debby@fdfarm.com
OR, Myrtle Creek; On-It Bullmastiffs; Nancy Miracle; +541 863 6789; on-it-bullmastiffs@hotmail.com
PA, Tamaqua; Anthracite Bullmastiffs; Charles & Cheryl Kistler; + 570 386 3221; cctkistler@verizon.net
PA, Middleton; Marconia Bullmastiffs; Mark & Galina Dittman; +717 944 4999; marconia@comcast.net
PA, Dover; Tracabull, Tracy Mummert; +717 292 6576; tracabull@msn.com
TX, Porter; EPIC Bullmastiffs; Debra Bruce; bulliefanatic@yahoo.com
VA, Bristol; Eloc Bullmastiffs; Gerald & Karen Cole; +276 669 3273
WA, Elma; Barb’Eric Bullmastiffs; Barb & Eric Long; +360 482 5600
WA, Nine Mile Falls; Reprisal Bullmastiffs; Tamara & Carey Cady; + 509 465 4143; reprisal4u@aol.com