Bull terriers are active, interested, playful clowns. Like a three-year-old child in a dog suit, they like to be DOING something. They need companionship, supervision, and physical activity. They generally love children, and can tolerate rough play. But they like to play rough, too; and need to be encouraged to be gentle. They can knock little kids down, and it’s up to adults to supervise so this can’t happen. Bull Terriers love to be the center of attention, and are easily trained if a game appealing to their innate sense of fun can be made of the process. A militaristic approach is apt to leave both owner and dog unhappy and frustrated; these dogs have a definite “what’s in it for me” attitude, along with the eternal question: “Is it fun”? If you are seeking a lethargic “rug dog” you can ignore for days and weeks on end, a Bull Terrier is not for you. If it’s an active, fun-loving companion and loyal friend you want, a Bull Terrier just might be the answer.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Bull Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW, Sutton; MISSIGAI; Mike & Di Cross; +02 62303660; bullterriers@missigai.com
NSW, SUTTON: KENNEL “MISSIGAI”:Mike & Di Cross: PHONE:+02 62303660: EMAIL: bullterriers@missigai.com
QLD, Boronia Heights; Satori Bull Terriers; Gayle Stephenson; +38002013; satoridogs@bigpond.com
QLD,Boronia Heights: KENNEL “SATORI”: Ms.Gayle Stephenson: PHONE: +0402090212: EMAIL: satoridogs@bigpond.com
QLD, GLADSTONE: KENNEL: “KUPALA”: Sharon McAdam: PHONE: +0428522464.
QLD, Lockyer Valley; “APONI” ; Dhana Cooper; +0410008905; aponiBT@live.com
QLD, Mackay; “Sirram” ; Terry Matsen; +07 49543395; sirramforce@hotmail.com
QLD, Gladstone; KUPALA; Sharon McAdam; +07 49757306; kupala@dodo.com.au
SA, Lewiston; Brasshead Bull Terriers; Kerry King; +0421054025; brasshead@bigpond.com
SA, Adelaide; MAOLMHIN; Diane Cuthbert; +0432 866 528; maolmhin@gmail.com
SA, LEWISTON: KENNEL “BRASSHEAD”: Kerry King: PHONE: +0421054025.
TAS, Brighton; Lowdina; Graemem Wright ; +0407 486261; graemewright@bigpond.com
VIC, Bendoc; “Kubhaven” ; Kath & Gerry Bush & Carol Krawczyk ; kub.haven@bigpond.com
VIC, Cannons Creek; WAKATANG; Hugh and Bernadette Marshall; +613 5998 7823; hbmarsh@dodo.com.au
VIC, Central Victoria; GLENBULL; Glenn Barry; +53424718; g-bull@bigpond.net.au
WA, Perth; Honhazsta Bull Terriers; Stan Honnery & Neridah Sharrett; +9455 1059; honhazsta@gmail.com
WA, Perth: KENNEL “HONHAZSTA”: Stan Honnery or Neridah Sharrett: ‘PHONE: 9455 1059: EMAIL: honhazsta@gmail.com


Prottes; Xanadu Bull Terriers; Brigitte Wein and Josef Schneider +43 664 533 01 47; b.wein@aon.at
Nickelsdorf; Siradella Bull Terriers ; Sylvia Dziba-Bogner +Mobil: +43 (0)699 10 423 433; info@siradella.at


Leopoldsburg; Yoeckydoe’s Kennel; Heike Knockaert; +32 (0)11/346088; yoeckydoes@yoeckydoes.be


AL, Onoway; Zircon Kennels; Cindy & Kevin Mowez ; +(780) 800-1397; cindy@zirconkennels.com
AL, Edmonton; Bullenium Kennel’s; Val and John Blackwell; +(780) 968-7795; bulleniumbt@gmail.com
NS, Kentville; Beansidhe Bull Terrier’s; Lynn Pulsifer; +(902)678-1494; lynnap@live.com
NS, Balls Creek; Bayhill Bull Terriers ; Rosalyn Forrest ; +(902)794-2809; bayhillbts@msn.com
ON, Seaforth; Breton Kennel; Jim & Catherine Landsborough; jclandsb@tcc.on.ca
ON, Mt. Albert; Buldor Bull Terrier’s ; Dorothy & Alki Bassakyros; +(905)473-9531; dorothyb@xplornet.com
ON, Pontypool; Bullayr Bull Terrier’s ; Lori Bozian & Jack Flynn ; bullayr@xplornet.com
ON, Ontario; Dancing B ; Barb & Deb Connor ; +(519)586-3206; bdancingb@gmail.com
ON, Toronto; Mayhem Bull Terrier’s ; Ann and Brian Radford ; mayhembts@rogers.com
QC, Alma; ; Nonetaboo Bull Terrier’s; Josée Côté; +(418) 487-3063; nonetaboo@hotmail.com


Chrast u Chrudimi ; Jas-Ver Bull Terriers; Jaroslav Selinger +420 775 127 021; jasver@seznam.cz


Vipperød; Breslaus Bull Terriers; Kim and Bente Bressendorff +45 40877023; breslaus@breslaus.dk


Tallinn; Potsu de Notsu English Bull Terriers; Margot Oder; +372 56684649; info@potsudenotsu.com
Pärnu; AXTOM TERRA Bull Terriers; Tiina Tohv; +372 56 455 436; tiinatohv@hot.ee


Kennel Dynamic Bull’s; Eveliina Suonsivu; eveliina_84@yahoo.com


Sliema: KENNEL “MizzibuLL”: Leeandra Mizzi: PHONE: + 35679312300.


Waihi (Nth Ireland); “Boromir”; Heidi & Deane Holland +64 7 863 6827; online@bullterrier.co.nz
Christchurch; TENNILLE; Gail O’keefe or Blair Culling; tennille62@hotmail.com or blairculling@hotmail.com
Lincoln; RAIDEN; Kathryn Joyce; +64 3 325 2993; raidenbullterriers@gmail.com
Darfield; Bramble Bull Terriers; Pip Graham +03 318 7115; brambleterriers@clear.net.nz


BUCHAREST: KENNEL “David King Of Bulls”: Bogdan & Monica Mihaescu: PHONE:+40724742234: EMAIL: office@terrierbull.ro


Nova Gorica: KENNEL “BALCANBOY”: Aleksandar Spasojevic: PHONE: +38641227866 .


Eskilstuna; Kennel “Mad About” Bull Terriers; Minna Vaattovaara & Jens Andersson; +46 (0)73 50 92 500; madaboutbulls@hotmail.com
FJÄRDHUNDRA; BOROMIR; Siv Kvarnström ; +0171-47 00 50; siv.kvarnstrom@telia.com
Kungsör; Golden League Bull Terriers; Leila Saukko; +073-6524990; goldenleaguebt@gmail.com
Kungsör; Golden League; Bull Terriers; Jenny Berggren; +076-8517240; jenny.stahre@gmail.com
Aby; Artwork Kennel; Frida Sjoberg; + 46 73 753 9565
Gävle; Bulliebompa’s Bull Terriers; Anneli Woll; minibull@bulliebompa.se


BERKSHIRE; Mr L & Mrs S White ; +07958 697320
CHESHIRE; Mr M A & Mrs A M Finlay & Mr R W Gerrard +01244 676433
CHESHIRE; Miss D Heath & Mr S Morris; +01270 820775
CHESHIRE; Mr D & Mrs C Abbott; +01513 459819
ESSEX; Mr G & Mrs A Newberry +01268 712954
HERTS.; “ABENAKI” Heulwen Bloom ; 01442 383673 ; tessanova@hotmail.com
SHEFFIELD; QuentinHill Bull Terriers ; Joanna & Dinu Catilina ; +07403451743


AR; Glentom Glenna & Tom Wright +870 356 4722; glntom@aol.com
AZ; Zoozoo Austin & Sheila Salmon 623 551 0180; zoozoozbt@yahoo.com
CA, Mt. Toro Foothill; Brigadoon; Carolyn & David Alexander; brigadoonbt@aol.com
CA, Fountain Valley; Duff & Susie Harris; +(714) 531 5125; Allegro6@ix.netcom.com
NY, Kendall, Sandstone; Ty and Melanie Whitehair; ssbt@me.com
PA, Pittsburgh; ACTION Bull Terriers; Dr. Franne Berez; +412-401-6577; fberez@aol.com