Bouviers des Flandres are rational, gentle, loyal, and protective by nature. The breed’s particular blend of characteristics makes them good family pets, as well as keen guard dogs. Unlike some animals bred for aggressive nature and power, the Bouvier possesses sophisticated traits, such as complex control, intelligence, and accountability. They are enthusiastic, responsible, even-tempered, and fearless, and are excellent guard and watchdogs that are easy to train. This breed learns commands relatively fast. However, Bouviers get bored easily and learn best when repetition is limited.

Bouviers should be socialized well, preferably starting at an early age, to avoid shyness, suspiciousness, and being overly reserved with strangers (although the breed is naturally aloof with strangers). Protection of the family when danger is present is not something that needs to be taught, nor is it something one can train out of them. The dog will rise to the occasion if needed. A good family dog, the Bouvier likes, and is excellent with, children.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Bouviers des Flanders Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


Koudekerk a/d R ; Topline Bouviers, Ria en Ab van Elven +031-713412090
Drogeham ; Fan’t Fryske Lan Bouviers, Henk and Johanna Rouwkema +31512331824


GLAMORGAN; A’ Chleit Stephan & Helen Dallow 01685 387 105

NORTHERN IRELAND, Co Antrim; Luik Bouviers, Judy Cartwright +02825878603


AK, Wasilla; Cassiopeia Bouviers, Stephen Bowerman, +907-373-5894
AZ, Phoenix; de la Salsa Bouviers, Judith E. Abramsohn, +602-252-9304
CA, Agua Dulce; Terra Bouviers, Terry Burian-Creel, +661-607-1309
CA, Carlsbad; Donlee Bouviers, Reba & Rick Donnelly, +714-504-4504
CA, Yucaipa; Hirsch Bouviers, Lynette D. Hirsch, +909-790-0044
CA, Mission Viejo; DeLux Bouviers, Sharron Lux, +949-855-9838
CA, San Diego, Bon Idee Bouviers, Dayle Sullivan, +858-829-9189
CO, Lakewood; Always Bouviers, Shelley Bowman, +303-980-8116
GA, Pine Mountain; Valkin Bouviers, Nancy Valaske, +706-416-0782
KS, Olathe; Runamok Bouviers, Christa Townsend, +512-563-5526
IL, Rockford; Margaux Bouviers, Sandi Lyon, +815-885-2408
IN, Valparaiso; Joy-A-Len Bouviers, Lee Ann Layman, +269-208-5212
MA, Chicopee; Gunaydin Bouviers, Joseph Bobek, +413-592-4927
MI, Mason; Cam Bouviers, Marilyn L. Adams, +517-628-2922
NE, North Platte; Legend Bouviers, Gail & Steve Lopez, +308-532-4329
NV, Garnerville; Greyline Bouviers, Cindy A. Harris, +775-783-1870
OK, Pawnee; War Bouviers; Debbie & Steven Potter, +918-356-4348
NY, Rochester; Bouvace Bouviers, Sharon Aceto, +585-381-9002
TX, Houston; Herdeaux Bouviers, Susannah Feagin, +713-248-4464