The Border Terrier is a very sociable breed, and can make an excellent companion for a child. However, their high energy level and rather rough play require constant supervision, especially when puppies are playing with younger children. This is not only for the child’s safety, but the puppy’s since some young children may unintentionally harm a puppy. Never get a dog with the intention of teaching a child responsibility. Both children and puppies need an adult caretaker and parents need to accept this before getting a dog. They will take several years of maturity and training to develop into the steady, devoted family member you are hoping for. The greatest concern with children and dogs is that children tend to leave doors and gates open, and the dog may get out and get lost or hit by a car. Strict rules must be enforced to insure that gates and doors are always kept closed to protect your dog.

A Border Terrier is not for people who want a dog ‘some of the time’. Border Terriers who are not part of the family are not happy. Left unattended in the garden, they will bark and/or dig out usually getting hit by a car. BTs were bred to hunt vermin, therefore, do not go well with small, furry animals such as gerbils and guinea pigs. It would not be easy to tell a child why his dog killed his pet hamster.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.

BUYER BEWARE;  Some breeders listed here may not be members of a Border Terrier Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you enter into any transaction.


NSW; EDENSIDE; Peter & Siobhan Collins; +02 6942 6882;
NSW; GLENBOYD; Angie & Laurie Swain; +0243741030;
NSW; GUILCROFT; Pamela and Garth Harding; +02 69762745; WEBPAGE 
QLD; PICKWICK; Yvonne Ryan; +07 54642644;
SA; HILBREN; Ian & Brenda Saint; +0885235159; ; DogsSA
SA; LEEMA; Tegan Whalan; +0421506482;
SA; REDWALL; Tricia & Jonathan Moore; +(08) 81208178;
SA; TIRRIKI; Peter Robyn & Bianca van Haasteren; + 61 8 8356 4844;
TAS; LISGAR; Lisa McGinn; +0409915353;
VIC; TUCKMILL; Sylvia Steele; +0439465059;
VIC; BOHUNT; Gaela Whyte;
VIC; BURROWA; Clare Stainsby & Diana Rees; *0438383346;
VIC; STRAITUP; Elsa Hoggard; 0430 113 994; +0430 113 994;
VIC; GLENBOGLE; Sue Mewse; +03 56 292828;  WEBPAGE
WA; TIKWIDDI; Carol Palmer; +08 93591311;


BRITISH COLUMBIA; MYSTICGOLD ; Kelly Greir +778-422-2406 ;
MANITOBA; BENCHMARK ; Ronald & Pearl Humenny +204-837-4965 ;
NOVA SCOTIA; BRIGHTRAIN ; Kirsten Goodman +902-478-3134 ;
ONTARIO; DUET ; Beverly Ferguson +905-722-9211 ;
ONTARIO; ASHIYAS ; Susan Graham +226-821-0033 ;
ONTARIO; FOXRUN ; Jen Holder +705-426-9893 ;
ONTARIO; GANYMEDE ; Alan and Joanne Matheson +519-756-7658 ;  WEBPAGE
ONTARIO; THISTLEBITT ; Dr. Karen Nesbitt +613-923-2359 ;
ONTARIO; CONUNDRUM ; Jane Parker +519-986-4352 ;
QUEBEC; JANSIM ; Chris and Pam Dyer +450-584-3951 ;
QUEBEC; TERRILAND ; Daniele Trottier +418-415-0900 ;


Borderhouse; Tinna Grubbe; +45 59 18 27 23


GLEN MARA; Brigit Belin-Bernaudin; +33 3 86 73 02 89;


Mangakino, Taupo;BORDOUR; Nicola Swan; +0273490646;
Inglewood; CHYTRUGH; Cheryl Smith;
Cambridge; OTTERPOND; Gloria Geraghty & Warwick Walker; +478-0282;  WEBPAGE
Te Aroha; PATTERDALE; Sonja Firby; +07 884 5885;
Christchurch; TENNILLE; Gail O’keefe or Blair Culling;


Hux Flux Marie Jonsson 0554 124 20 Sweden
Juniper & Axbor; Håkan and Ulla Axén ; +46-(0)18-355460;
Akimbo’s; Lars & Åsa Hillman; +026-168045;
Atterboms; Thorbjörn & Annica Larsson ; +0224-166 40;
Crazy Train; Anna-Karin Jiderlund; +076-839 88 98;
Sweeping; Erica Winberg; +0301 30680;


PERTH; Remony Anne Gregory 01738 860 772


ALABAMA; ROGUE’S GALLERY; Carol and Lloyd Haugland; +334-541-3124;
ALASKA; OHMER CREEK; Susan Ohmer; +907-772-2266;
ARIZONA; SUN DEVIL; Sheila Avram-Hanna ; +623-780-7520;  WEBPAGE
ARIZONA; DEVON; Alison Miller; +602-909-3928;
ARIZONA; OTLEY; Deborah L. Pomeroy; +928-636-1267;
ARIZONA; FINIKI; James H. Strassels; +602-920-4592;
CALIFORNIA; SUREFYRE; Constance (Connie) Bartlett; +707-795-2578 ;
CALIFORNIA; RANTHORN; Elizabeth Crisp Blake; +530-758-0751;
CALIFORNIA; CRISA; Christine E. Boyd; +530-642-1740;
CALIFORNIA; SHADOWHILLS; Tim Carey and Kyle Karnosh; +408-472-6225;
CALIFORNIA; INDIGO; Christine Carr; +707-292-4343;
CALIFORNIA; ROYAL OAKS; Eric and Ardith Dahlstrom; +707-768-3911;
CALIFORNIA; BANNERKIN; Becky Graham; +209-550-0464;
CALIFORNIA; MEADOWBROOK; Arthur and Christine Johnston; +951-943-7734;
CALIFORNIA; Stud Service.Lyn McArthur; +714-931-6616;
CALIFORNIA; OTT TO BE; Star and Sarah Ott; +760-954-9256;
CALIFORNIA; Stud Service; Marjorie Stephenson; +650-355-6926;
CALIFORNIA; GLENLAIR; Sandra D. Tool; +909-484-2610;
CALIFORNIA; SKYLINE; Paula and Gary Wolf; +323-654-3960;
CALIFORNIA; TUNGSTEN; Joe and Jan Wood; +661-296-7418;
COLORADO; RIGHTLYSO; Louise Leone; +303-618-2008;
COLORADO; ENCHANTED; Joann Romero; +303-693-7725;
COLORADO; STUD SERVICE; Judi Ann Marie Smaldino; +719-593-9398;
CONNECTICUT; STARKWEATHER; Elizabeth Faber; +860-379-5230;
CONNECTICUT; REDGATE; Judith Rivers; +860-873-2012 ;
DELAWARE; BLUE ROCK; James and Laura Harvey; +302-652-8034;
FLORIDA; COLDSTREAM; Rob and Gina Cobussen; +813-598-4684;  WEBPAGE
FLORIDA; KENSWITH; Jackie Kensler; +904-823-8611;
FLORIDA; STUD SERVICE; Ellen Dunn Tate; +850-319-8302;
GEORGIA; BASCOVAIL; Debby and John Behan; +770-908-1966;
GEORGIA; STUD SERVICE; Monica Errico; +407-489-8240;
GEORGIA; BELLWETHER; Ginger Hawkin; +770-432-0294;
GEORGIA; STUD SERVICE; Bob Nicholas; +404-291-2050;
GEORGIA; POSTSCRIPT; Paula Steele DVM; +706-695-6831;
IDAHO; FULL THROTTLE; Darcy and Gracie Bartholomay; +208-604-0600;
ILLINOIS; MEADOWLAKE; Karen Fitzpatrick; +815-932-0860;
ILLINOIS; FAIREVIEW; Margaret Henning; +847-849-3258;
ILLINOIS; KOSHARE; Susan Olsen; +773-915-3932;
ILLINOIS; OTTERSIDE; Carol Samp; +847-542-7506;  WEBPAGE
INDIANA; LOCH CU; Betsy Bly; +317-919-4352;
INDIANA; OTTERWISE; Susan K. Bushrod; +317-701-5716;
INDIANA; LYRICAL; Alan Hargrave; +765-730-3828;
INDIANA; CB; Priscilla B. McCune; +317-849-1890;
INDIANA; THE ARK; Terri Orem; +812-623-2062;
IOWA; STUD SERVICE; Sue Belson; +712-368-2508;
KENTUCKY; SNO FOX; Michelle and Ken Baur; +502-708-1737;
MAINE; REDTWIG; Theo Congdon; +207-372-8221;
MAINE; GREYWOODE; Patrick Glover; +207-584-2196;
MARYLAND; MCHENRY; Mark Ensor; +410-747-7809;
MARYLAND; HAPPY HOBBITS; Sandra L. Gillen; +443-538-8904;
MARYLAND; SPARRAVOHN; Janice K. Hewitt; +301-662-1428;
MARYLAND; THISTLEPATCH; Mary Ellen Moehler; +703-624-1272;
MARYLAND; MARLYN; Marilyn D.Title and Carolyn L. McKenzie; +818-261-8282;
MASSACHUSETTS; HOLYSTONE; Gloria J. Connery; +508-987-2871;
MASSACHUSETTS; MARLEA; Sheila Demers; +413-467-3547;
MASSACHUSETTS; GILLYWHIG; Nancy Goldman; +508-435-6578;
MASSACHUSETTS; OBAN; Julie LaFreniere and Lucille Collins; +978-724-3474;
MASSACHUSETTS; KEVRAH; Deborah and Kevin Lawton; +508-672-8202;
MASSACHUSETTS; FERNSIDE; Lisa Sauer; +413-298-4766;
MASSACHUSETTS; SMUTTYNOSE ; Susan Sparks; +401-633-2392;
MICHIGAN ; DOGWOOD; Cheryl and Gary Haskins; +269-244-8556;
MICHIGAN ; BRIERDEN; Diane Hendee; +517-202-7596;
MICHIGAN ; RIVERSIDE; Beverly Novak +586-246-3707;
MICHIGAN ; HERITIER; Juliann Schneider; +989-859-5169;
MINNESOTA; ZUMBRO RIVER; Dennis and Marge McNeilus; +507-374-6747;
MISSOURI; TERRASOL; Kathy Echols; +573-874-2983;
MISSOURI; KINDRED/SOLAS; Cathy Malotte and Bonnie Kanter; +660-679-5231;
MISSOURI; SUNRISE; Janice and Timothy Moore; +636-673-1241;
MISSOURI, Kansas City; Kennel Tyneside, Jane and Steve Worstell, +(816) 322 4180,  WEBPAGE
MISSOURI; DANBY; Dan and Leslie Ward; +816-525-4066;
MONTANA; We have no Breed Club Members in this state at the moment
NEBRASKA; JOTEEL; John and Mateel Smith; +402-491-4016;
NEW HAMPSHIRE; KEVRAH; Michele Emond and Barbara Wood; +603-465-7936;
NEW HAMPSHIRE; GAMEKEEPER; Peter Shea; +603-487-2418;
NEW JERSEY; STRADBROOK; James and Alice Dickson; +908-852-3063;
NEW JERSEY; GLYNMOIR; Philip and Marceline Geibel; +908-995-7365;
NEW JERSEY; SLEEPY HOLLOW; Victoria Mather and Gregory Pierson; +609-851-7397;
NEW JERSEY; STEINBACHER; Ann Steinbacher; +973-875-9017;
NEW MEXICO; Peter Holson and Antonio Barrios; 505-983-6478;
NEW YORK; ALDERGATE; Susanne Babcock; +518-339-2516;
NEW YORK; BANDERSNATCH; Margaret & Amanda Pough; +607-273-0925;
NORTH CAROLINA; HIDEAWAYS; Lynn D. Looper; +828-396-3986;
NORTH CAROLINA; ROWAN; Nancy Pemberton; +919-828-4432;
NORTH CAROLINA; DILLIGARA; Chris Reid; +704-779-4722;
NORTH CAROLINA; SOUTHERN CROSS; Anne Rhys Watkins; +336-971-4019;
OHIO; TOPSHELF ; Joye and Tom Ford; +513-662-5056;
OHIO; NEVERBEND; Heather Jackson and Darren Brown; +937-243-6655;
OHIO; FIRELANDS; Susan Kane; +440-774-3681;
OHIO; KANDU; Phillip C. Klosinski ; +419-472-0213;
OHIO; WICKLOW; Tom McCarthy; +513-252-4284;
OHIO; WILDWOOD; Annette Neff; +740-965-5061;
OHIO; AARDEHOND; Tracy Van Niel; +614-214-4591;
OREGON; JOCASTA ; Debra Janes Blake +503-663-3330 ;
OREGON; TYROLIAN ; Carolyn Budmayr +541-531-3334 ;
OREGON; TILTED KILT ; Catherine DePriest +541-980-2409 ;
OREGON; AURCLAN ; Nancy Hembrow +541-217-1786 ;
OREGON; BLUMAC; Jackie McLean +925-354-0091 ;
PENNSYLVANIA; SLADE RUN ; Martha duBois Duke +717-633-0006 ;
PENNSYLVANIA; COBBLESTONE ; Bob Vecchiolli +610-858-8376 ;
PENNSYLVANIA; MCHENRY ; Mary Beth Ensor & C.T. Giese + 814-842-9969 ;
SOUTH CAROLINA; PRIMROSE ; Donna B. Ray +864-366-5558 ;
TEXAS; RAVENEAUX ; Robbie and Ellis Johnson +325-641-2912 ;
TEXAS; BRIDAN ; Cathy Meyer +281-798-4531 ;
TEXAS; OTTERWAY ; Tristin Ridderhoff +512-963-9119 ;
TEXAS; BITTERSWEET ; Marilyn Sugg +713-732-9872 ;
VERMONT; GILES HILL ; David and Carlie Krolick +802-425-4228 ;
VIRGINIA; BENDYWOOD ; Betsy Kirkpatrick +434-239-4576 ;
VIRGINIA; CRICKET HILL ; Dawn Mahaffey +804-580-0071 ;  WEBPAGE
VIRGINIA; SEDGEFIELD ; Brenda Milne +540-937-2099 ;
WASHINGTON; KILCREGGAN ; Wayne and Marion Bond +360-692-1182 ;
WASHINGTON; SUNKIST ; Harriet Haydon +253-904-8573 ;
WASHINGTON; OTTERECHO ; Robin Kelley +360-775-0341 ;
WASHINGTON; ELWHA ; Charlotte Metzler +360-477-1869 ;
WASHINGTON; KITTLE-BEE ; Jennifer Smith + 509-935-6856 ;
WISCONSIN; FAIREVIEW ; Kathleen Henning +262-242-3512 ;
WISCONSIN; HERTSANG ; Joseph and Audrey Metro +715-553-2506 ;
WISCONSIN; RUSHWIND ; Becky L. Olson +715-273-4246 ;