The Basenji, without doubt, a ‘people’ dog, trained by thousand of years around the native’s camp fires to be part of the family. However, the primitive background of the breed means they are not everyone’s idea of the ideal breed. They are incurably inquisitive and everything out of the ordinary, or ordinary for that matter, must be inspected and assessed. They are not by nature instantly obedient and see no point in abandoning an interesting ploy the minute they are summoned although it is fair to say that they have been trained to the highest level of obedience work, mostly in America. If you want a dog that is servile and obeys your every command, the Basenji is not for you. On the other hand, if you lean towards a proud, faithful, teasing, playful, talking dog that can outsmart you nine times out of ten, you will never consider any other breed!
Credit; The Basenji Club of Great Britain –

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