The Akita can be an exceptional playmate for your children, a friend by your side and a helper around the house, all rolled into one.
When puppies are raised with children, this works best as opposed to an older dog that is suddenly expected to tolerate the actions, noise and level of enthusiasm that youngsters have.

Akitas’ do not like to be teased and often have little tolerance for this.  Children should be taught to handle puppies nicely and to never pull on tails or do any other action that would bother the pup.  As general rule, the Akita or any other large dog, should not be left alone with those who are under the age of 12 years old. Some owners believe that if their dog is great with their own children, he or she will be just fine around others, but this is often not true.  The Akita sees his family very differently than he sees outsiders. He entire demeanor can change in an instant.   This breed can be very tolerant of his “brothers and sisters”, but an unknown toddler who is heedlessly bopping the dog on the head with a toy will most likely not be tolerated for a second.   Again, any issues can be avoided with close, acute supervision and warning for youngsters to treat the dog well.    Keep your Akita on leash and remove yourself from the area if the children are being boisterous or too rowdy.

When looking for a puppy to purchase it is highly recommended to contact any of the Breed Clubs we have listed for this breed since it is they who should be able to put you in touch with members who have bred litters according to their Club’s Code of Ethics.


BUYER BEWARE; Some breeders listed here may not be members of an Akita Breed Club, there may be good reasons for this, but ask the question before you visit the breeder or enter into any transaction.


Nova Scotia; Truro; Kimberley Pennie; +902-890-1363; wasenshi@eastlink.ca
Ontario; Rosslyn; Gail Hamilton; +807-939-1689; akitas@tbaytel.net


AMANA; Jiina Mandová; +420 604 447046 (Deutsch). +420 603 932 392 (English) 267 05 Nižbor 228 jirinamandova@seznam.cz


Kobushi-Ken Susanne & Klaus Faust +49 (05354) 1791 38387 Sollingen, akita@kobushi-ken.de
Itoko-ken Beate & Michael Vetter 06086 1888 Gravenwiesbach, tari@itoko-ken.de
Koyama Ken Kerstin Mutschmann-Meier and Thomas Meir +09187 2895; Altdorf Kerstin.Bledl@t-online.de


Oleiros; Constantino Zaera ; +(34)600511246; zasenakitas@gmail.com


LANCASHIRE; Kevin & Susan Sadler 01942 514285; keskaiakitas@blueyonder.co.uk
LANCASHIRE; Mrs M & Mr P Cook 01942 621518; saburukoakitas@googlemail.com
MANCHESTER; Cath Redmond 0161 283 0228; karijini-akitas@hotmail.com
WEST MIDLANDS; Chris & Tina Thomas 01902 681402; ruvio@blueyonder.co.uk


Arkansas; Jason & Tria Loyd +(501) 539 0295; bigbearakitas@sbcglobal.net
Alaska; Wasilla; Victoria McConnell; +907-357-0676; sammc@mtaonline.net
Alaska; Wasilla; Casey Hessinger; +907-376-8259; waxtraxak@yahoo.com
Arizona; Green Valley; Sophia Kaluzniacki, DVM; +520-625-8634; sophia@tamarlane.com
Arizona; Chandler; Amy & Stacy Huenneke; +480-861-8223; Amy24@me.com
Arizona; Queen Creek; Tom & Eloise Thornton; + 480-987-8010; etsakitas@msn.com
Arizona; Prescott Valley; Nick & Trudy Fotiades; +928-999-1634; Trudy86315@gmail.com
Arkansas; Jason & Tria Loyd; +(501) 539 0295; bigbearakitas@sbcglobal.net
Arkansas; Lavaca; Ronnie & Chris Ann Moore; +479-674-2092; bisacd@aol.com
California; Gilroy; Paul & Stacey Borrmann; +408-842-4140; borrmanns@earthlink.net
Colorado; Brighton; Richard & Karen Shaw; +720-323-8068; dunes49er1@centurylink.net
Connecticut; Winchester; Samuel & Linda Bacco; +860-379-1594; lsbacco@aol.com
Illinois; Peotone; Linda Wolf; +708-528-2922; okamiakitas@aol.com
Maryland; Hurlock; Kathy & Ed Coffman; +410-673-7387; baycrestakitas@hotmail.com
Michigan; Eagle; Rita Biddle; +517-626-6844; ritabiddle@aol.com
Nevada; Henderson; Matty DeMeo; +702-292-1115; mattydeme@aol.com