The Breed Club Connection was launched to encourage the pedigree puppy buying public into understanding why it makes more sense to buy a puppy from a Breed Club Member. The breeders within our pages are not just breeders but a valuable source of information.   They have a specialist understanding  of their breed and are committed to producing beautiful happy intelligent animals in a sound and healthy body whether for show or pet homes -“These  are true breeders of merit”.

Each Breed Club’s Committee vigorously insist its members adhere to its code of ethics on all health and welfare issues relevant to their breed and do not tolerate any indiscriminate breeding; they are the guardians of their breed.

 The Breed Club Connection is the only organisation of its kind which does not accept “Back-Street breeders” to  its membership;  making it the “SAFEST” starting point for those looking to purchase a pedigree puppy .